Muslims: “we never knew him….” Police: “we will never know what motivated him”

Devout Muslim Khalid Masood kills in the name of #Islam. Met Police ‘We may never know what motivated him’.

The mind boggles.

Only in the UK would a Jihad attack happen and the media consensus is that the motive will never be known.

“They may never find out his motive”. It will always be a big fat mystery with Islam and jihad written all over it.–

The Mickey-Mockers of Mother Jones, and All That Islamophobia
 Mother Jones is a left-wing publication that, while it seldom – and possibly never — has had a kind word for Christianity in its history, turns out to be a stout defender of Islam. How the Left fell so hard for Islam is a puzzlement, for a more retrograde faith — misogynistic, …Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald
“I want some blood, I want some f****** blood. I want to kill someone.”
Details of Masood’s lengthy criminal history have continued to emerge since Wednesday’s terrorist attack.
Masood’s sudden religious conversion will add to concerns that criminals are being brought under the influence of hardened jihadists behind bars, something which the Government admitted was a “growing problem” last year.

Westminster attacker told friend of desire to kill people

Police close to the Palace of Westminster, London, after policeman has been stabbed and his apparent attacker shot by officers in a major security incident at the Houses of Parliament.
Khalid Masood spoke of dreaming about blood and killing someone – 17 years before murdering four innocent victims in London.

“…he was a disenfranchised youth….” (the SOB was 52!)… and no one knew him, no one ever saw  him at the mosque, no one has a clue…..

Amid reports that Khalid Masood had worshipped at the mosque in recent years, a member of its management, who declined to give his name, said: “We don’t know anything about this person. If he ever attended, from the name we don’t know him. The images of him aren’t clear enough for us to know if he ever attended the mosque.” …
… “The problem is disenfranchised youths – they are the ones who can be manipulated. They want a sense of belonging. They feel they don’t belong in the UK even though they were born here. They feel rejected by their country and that they have nowhere to go. It’s not an Islamic thing. It’s about feeling ostracised.” …

Muslims at mosques linked to Khalid Masood fear anti-Islam backlash
Worshippers in Leyton, east London, and Birmingham condemn Westminster attack amid worries that they will be demonised

Schools should be a safe space from  Islam

Ontario Province Says Criticism Of Muslim Prayer In Public Schools ‘Racist’

Every kind of resistance to the spread of Islam is “racist”, its just part of the grand plan to destroy any opposition to the Islamic expansion project.

The Ontario provincial government sanctioned special religious status for Muslim students in the public school system after the Canadian House of…

Malcolm Turnbull reacted to the London attack with quasi-statesmanlike, firmly-worded defiance. In short, “the terrorists want to divide us, but we are not going to change the way we live”!

Is that because we are *not* divided, Mr Turnbull? Does your logic imply that although at risk of being divided by those nasty terrorists, we remain, to use a term you will never use because your cast-out predecessor thought of it, “Team Australia”?

But we *are* divided. And you are responsible for a good deal of that division. You are reinforcing the line between those who want to live in fantasy land like dumbed-down dhimmis, and those who are holding fast to recognising reality and insisting on maintaining our right to free speech, to operate from the rules of rationality, and to respect, honour and preserve the principles we have inherited as Australians. And yet another line between all of us and those fanatics you pander to who grow more confident every day.
Your disgraceful Ramadan dinner, where you toadied to radical Islamic headbangers, your refusal to address the insane financial gifts stolen from taxpayers and given to Islamic schools, hard-line Islamic organisations, mosques (“deradicalisation programmes” which do the opposite), halal certifiers, and so on, your lies and absurd declarations, your insulting tone when you speak to us as if we are complete fools or racists or both: all these divide us more than any terror attack divides us.

On the other hand, I am okay with us being divided by terrorists if it means I see myself as completely at odds with their co-religionists who appear harmless but worship a god who promotes terrorism. You want me to feel “unity” with such people?

This talk about being divided needs to go further. Politicians tell us that the terrorists want to divide us, and they leave it at that. What is the purpose of this division? It is always left unsaid. What is the purpose of the politicians’ division of us? To my understanding, terrorism has the goal of imposing submission to sharia. Politicians like Turnbull appear to have the same goal: they want us to respectfully submit, to hand over the jizya, to praise where praise is not due (indeed, to praise straight after a terror attack; Islam is a “great faith”, as Theresa May said), to keep quiet when we should be critical and noisy, to accept more Muslims, more Islam, more financial strain, less freedom.

If the terrorists want to divide us, so do you, Mr Turnbull. And I am all for it after all. Bring it on…let’s sort the wheat from the chaff. Saying we refuse to submit to terrorists should mean something, not just pretending we are not submitting.

“Carry on as usual and pretend nothing is changing” is not a message of unity. It is a message of cowardice which should be met with anger. Cowardly liars should not be leaders, and we are being rightly divided into people who accept such leaders and those who don’t.


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  1. Bloodlust is not unusual among Muslims. The famed Lawrence of Arabia was overtaken by this terrible psychosis. It turned an intelligent, educated, noble man into a pathological killer. That was pretty useful in time of war but we are not at war – or so Islam would have us believe. The tide of Islam is rising. The leaders of the free world sit in their deck chairs, fast asleep, as the water swirls around their ankles. They will likely drown there, unless someone can wake them up. If they can’t see the truth now I don’t know what will shake them out of their slumber.

  2. Even under the rule of the islam they (or, let’s be honest, their globalsit owners and masters) so obviously desire for them, the libertine liberal presstitute slaves would be the first to go.
    Followed by the politicians, because since the Qur’an is perfet, who needs merely human legislators at all, right?

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