Theresa May: London jihad attack not Islamic, but “Islamist terrorism…a perversion of a great faith”

The deliberation, the intensifying quaver, the steady eye — the empty words saying the gov will do nothing to protect its people from Islam …. (Diana West)

What examples are there that Islam is a religion of peace or that Islam is a great faith?

How is “Islamist terrorism” a “perversion of a great faith”? The learned imam Theresa May did not bother to explain. For her and her ilk, it is self-evident.

More perversion;


In other words, as the body count piles up, it will be business as usual. (Robert Spencer)

NBC reporter fears London jihad attack will “put wind in the sails” of the “right-wing movement”

The journaille is the dumbest swine on earth. They prove it every day.

The establishment media is not concerned about jihad terror attacks in the West. The establishment is not concerned about people killed in jihad massacres. The establishment media only cares that you not think ill of Islam and start to support “right-wing movements” that threaten the hegemony of the political elites.

Germany: Media watchdog instructs press to censor of ethnicity and religion in crime reports

The German public may soon not know who their jihadist enemies are, nor be informed about risk Muslim migrants pose. They will not know how common it is to be attacked by a group of those who believe that it is their right to sexually assault infidels in the name of religion. It’s all over for Germany if this level of censorship is adopted. It will be a windfall for Islamic supremacists and jihadists. Citizens will be sitting ducks while the catastrophic results of Angela Merkel’s reckless immigration policies will be hidden from view, freeing her from any accountability to the public.

ISIS supporters celebrate London terror attack as extremists say ‘UK is paying blood for blood’

One said the UK was paying “blood for blood” for its involvement in the US-led coalition’s campaign against the jihadists.

Followers on pro-Islamic State social media channels have suggested Westminster rampage was ‘revenge’ for the UK’s airstrikes on the terror group in Syria and Iraq

“Our battle on your land is only just beginning,” read one poster next to a photoshopped image of Big Ben being blown up.

4 thoughts on “Perversion”

  1. No hope for the west with ignorant politicians like these.
    Terrorism is not a perversian of islam, it has been used to intimidate and kill critics since the time of Mahommad. It’s only that the technology of muslim terrorism has changed to adapt to a modern environment. Furthermore, the only period in which islamic terror was toned down was during the colonial period.
    Learned poeple like Teresa May, Justin Trudeau and Malcolm Turnbull must surely know that Mahommad is Islam’s “perfect man.” A behaviour model for all times.
    It’s a frightening prospect to have wantonly ignorant fools leading us.

  2. I was a Muslim and embarrassed and had a guilty feeling that I was following a death cult. But abandoning that cult means death. Fortunately through a friend I came to overcome my dilemma and began living a civilized life. For those who want to follow me see

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