They are desperate to stop her

Marine Le Pen May Soon Be a Political Prisoner


Marine Le Pen is expected to do well in France’s upcoming presidential election. Europe’s moonbat establishment is so terrified that it has dropped the nicey-nice mask it hides behind to reveal the naked tyranny beneath:

The 48-year-old leader of the far-right Front National (FN) now faces being summoned by a French judge, and being charged with ‘distributing violent images’.

Her supposed crime consists of exercising her fundamental right of free speech in a political context regarding the menace posed by Islam.

Le Pen posted the three pictures in December 2015 during a Twitter spat with a journalist who compared the FN to jihadi terrorists.

One was a picture of journalist James Foley, who was beheaded on behalf of Allah.

Other images showed a man on fire in a cage, and another being run over by a tank.

As a Member of the European Parliament, Le Pen is afforded some of the basic rights free people take for granted. But not for long.

Members of the EU’s legal affairs committee voted to lift Le Pen’s immunity earlier in the week, and the decision has now been ratified by the full parliament.

If she is convicted, Le Pen could face three years in prison, or a fine of more than £60,000.

This isn’t the first time the Powers That Be have attempted to criminalize her point of view.

Ms Le Pen last lost her EU privilege against prosecution in 2013, after she compared Muslims praying in the street because they had no mosques to occupying Nazis.

She was accused of ‘incitement to discrimination over people’s religious beliefs’, but was cleared after a trial in 2015.

This did not prevent her from continuing to rise in popularity.

They are desperate to stop her.

 In this campaign video produced by Marine Le Pen, Frenchmen from all walks of life explain why they need Marine. The low-budget video was a collective effort of sympathizers of Marine Le Pen, even if they were not card-carrying members of the party. Most of the speakers are “real”: a “real” fisherman, a “real” teacher, etc… The policewoman however was playing a role. The video has been very well-received so far:

The fisherman: I don’t want to be crushed by constraints, quotas and limits. I just want to work as my father and my grandfather did before me. I need Marine.

The retiree: I have a tiny pension, and I don’t want a currency that weakens my purchasing power. I need Marine.

The young girl: I don’t want to be afraid when crossing certain streets, certain neighborhoods, or in public transportation. I need Marine.

The rugby player: I want a France that advances, united, solid and in solidarity. I need Marine. 

Note: I had trouble with this one. Hints at the website Prêchi-Prêcha indicate he is a rugby player, not a soccer player, and that he is from le Vaucluse in southern France. He has an accent that I thought at first was Maghrebin, but his face is European. 

The mother: I want them to grow up happy, in a France that’s safe and respected, proud of her roots and her values. I need Marine.

The business leader: I don’t want a State that stifles me with taxes but a State that lets me work and hire, that protects our economy, my business and my employees. I need Marine.

The teacher: I want a new power: to really teach, to transmit knowledge, and feel once again pride in my mission. I need Marine.

The farmer: I don’t want to depend on permanent assistance against international competition. I want to live from my profession, in dignity. I need Marine.

The office worker: I want a government that takes care of the French rather than the migrants. I need Marine.

The policewoman: I want to fight for the safety of the French, but to do that I really need the support of the State. I need Marine. 

The doctor: I don’t want a country where some give up trying to get medical care because they don’t have the means. I need Marine.

The student: When I finish my studies I don’t want to have to choose between low wages or leaving the country. I want a future here. I need Marine.

Marine: To restore order to France, I need you.

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  1. The best thing that could happen to the EU is that it falls apart. It is big government at its worst, foisting policies on people that are unnecessary, unwelcome and downright destructive to normal life.

  2. It should never be allowed by backwards people to be considered “illegal” to accuse these criminals (muslims) of their crimes, allegedly because the painful truth might offend them or hurt their feelings, and so “make” them commit even more crimes!

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, and we aren’t doing even any of these muslims (whose own ancestors were among Muhammad’s first victims) any favors by going along with any of their historic lies and alibi excuses for their crimes.

    To advocate for suicidal masochism as the highest moral virtue, while also claiming the only real crime is to hurt the feelings of and offend criminals by accusing them of their crimes, outs any and all progressive liberal apologists for islam as massively treasonous criminals themselves!

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