UK Police to Tommy Robinson: “it’s easier to remove you than to take on the angry crowd”

Police Drag Anti-Mass Migration Campaigner Off Streets for Asking Anti-Islamophobia Protestors Questions


Anti-mass immigration campaigner Tommy Robinson was verbally and physically abused by demonstrators on an anti-Islamophobia march on Saturday, after approaching them and attempting to engage in conversation. Police detained him and ordered him off the streets, saying this was “easier” than “taking on” the aggressive protestors.

Caolan Robertson from The Rebel Media and Luton-based activist Tommy Robinson approached demonstrators to ask their views on issues such as female genital mutilation and sexual grooming, “triggering” them into a furious reaction.

Within five minutes of arriving at the protest, according to Robertson, the pair were surrounded by people shouting “Nazi, white supremacist!”, resulting in attending police officers detaining Robinson.

Footage showed Robinson approaching a man screaming “Nazi scum!” and asking for him to explain why he is a Nazi.

A policewoman quickly removed Robinson from the scene, asking him to “respect that these people don’t want to talk to you”.

A subsequent attempt by Robinson to engage a student protestor about her views on Islam is terminated by an aggressive older male, who pushed him away shouting: “We don’t want a Nazi on this demo. Get off!”

Robinson tries to mollify the man by explaining that he is just trying to have a “polite conversation”, but the male begins screaming about losing family in the Holocaust and starts unruly chants of “Nazi scum, off our streets!”

It is at this point that Robinson is dragged away by the police, who attempt to separate him from Robertson and his camera.

When Robinson asks why he is the one being manhandled by the authorities despite the demonstrators being aggressive, the officer explained bluntly that “it’s easier to remove you” than to “take on” the angry crowd.

She also claimed Robinson is the one causing the violence “by his sheer presence”.

Additional footage shows Robinson attempting to ask demonstrators their view on the oppression of women under Shariah at another point on their march, and being told “You’re a racist” repeatedly.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Robinson finally asks.

“Yes it is!” the demonstrator replies.

Elsewhere, Robinson asks a protestor, “What if I told you that, statistically, white people are the biggest victims of racism in the UK?” after she complains that it feels as though Britain’s anti-racism legislation has been for nothing.

“White people can’t be victims of racism,” she scoffs.

In fact, the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) found that most victims of racism in England and Wales were white as long ago as 1999, in a report titled “Racial Attacks and Harassment”.

Scottish statistics published in 2015 show that “White Britons” are also the most common victims of race hate attacks north of the border. Scotland’s first ever racially-motivated murder victim was a white schoolboy named Kriss Donald, who was kidnapped, stabbed 13 times, and burned alive by a Pakistani gang in an unprovoked attack in 2004.

Finally, a figure Robinson identified as Unite Against Fascism leader Raymond Bennett begins abusing Robinson and had the police remove him a second time.

“They don’t want to debate their issues because they’re so blinkered, so fascist,” Robinson said. “These people’s views have never been challenged … they’ve been indoctrinated.”

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  1. When it comes to the left there are none so blind as those who will not see. Keep up the work, Tommy.

  2. So it means no one has any right to free speech if a mob threatens violence. The police need to be protecting people’s rights as opposed to “keeping the peace”.

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