UN Demands Europe Punish ‘Delinquent’ Poland, Hungary for Refusing (Mohammedan) Migrants

“Migrants” of course means millions of Mohammedans, more than 90% of them men of fighting age, mostly illiterate and stuffed with qur’anic fervour.

The OIC-controlled apparatchiks of the UN are calling for the collective suicide of Europeans.

5 thoughts on “UN Demands Europe Punish ‘Delinquent’ Poland, Hungary for Refusing (Mohammedan) Migrants”

  1. Why is the OIC not asking the “delinquent ” OIC countries for refusing migrants?

    There are quite a few “delinquent ” OIC countries maybe 56 or 57?

    Aren’t these “delinquent ” OIC countries violently trampling on refugees’ human rights?

    Why aren’t delinquent OIC countries exemplary on refugee issues?

    especially as many of these have Arabic as their language and this will help the thousands who are illiterate.

  2. The UN is simply a front for Islam. A Muslim is head of the Human Rights commission. That is how corrupt the UN has become. The US should pull out of it and stop its huge financial contribution being used to undermine the western democracy the the USA is supposed to represent.

  3. When will somebody, anybody tell the UN to FRACK OFF!
    A bunch of unelected new world order leftist bureaucrats who cocktail party congaline style of world governing is pathetic.

  4. muslims really need to stay unit and should stand with each other..no one will speak for them..the great example of it can be seen in Syria right now

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