Western Australia: More Muslims Needed In Police Force to Enforce Shari’a

Will Muslim policemen investigate the rape of infidel whores by Mohammedan taxi drivers? Will Muselmaniacs in uniform go after blasphemers, cartoonists and Islamophobes? We live in interesting times.

More Muslims needed in WA Police Force, Acting Commissioner Stephen Brown says


WA Muslim sheikh Burhaan Mehtar speaks with media in Perth.

Sheikh Burhaan Mehtar says the meeting with Acting Commissioner Stephen Brown was productive.

More Muslims are needed in the ranks of the West Australian Police Force, the state’s acting police commissioner has suggested.

 Fox guarding chicken coop? A nightmare. No farmer in the country would be that stupid.

Muslim leaders today met with Acting Commissioner Stephen Brown to discuss ways to overcome fears surrounding their religion and break down cultural barriers.

Translation: to break our culture and to replace it with Islam.

WA Police initiated the meeting with senior Islamic leaders following similar talks with Premier Colin Barnett last month amid concerns over a backlash against local Muslims.

Really. When was there ever a “backlash” against Muslims?

Mr Brown hosted the meeting and said while officers had a good relationship with the Muslim community, more needed to be done.

Never enough. No amount of prostrating will ever be enough.

“We want to recruit more Muslim Australians into the West Australian police, and we want to get a closer [and] more acute understanding of the impacts and challenges that police place sometimes on Muslim communities,” he said.

Definitely. What WA needs is more Muslim spies & agitprops in the police force, who warn their coreligionists and direct police efforts at “Islamophobes”.

“All West Australians and police officers … need to understand the cultural dimensions of the Muslim community and some of the impacts we can have if we don’t go about our job in the right manner.”

What about the “cultural dimensions” of Buddhists, Hindus, Jews  and others?

Mr Brown said he was considering several measures to better educate his workforce on Muslim culture.

Sounds like a threat to submit.

“There’s a raft of things. Really it’s about dialogue. It’s about making sure all West Australians are in touch with what’s happening within the Australian Muslim community,” he said.

Dialogue with Muslims? You have three choices, mate.

Sheikh Burhaan Mehtar said he supported the move.

“We will be having frequent meetings and perhaps having discussions with the new cadets and police officers, and I guess just breaking those cultural backgrounds, those barriers [down], just to understand each other better.”

Breaking our resentment down so Islam can spread unhindered. What’s not to like?

He described the meeting as a kind gesture and said it proved productive.

Sucking their toes is “productive?”

“I think one of the positives to come out of this morning’s meetings is future discussions and future meetings that we will be having with the department, to ensure better and more positive collaboration,” he said.

“As leaders of the Muslim community, we are part and parcel of the fabric … of the society, we are building these friendships for the betterment of the community.”

No, you are not. There is no friendship between the Muslim and the kafir. That’s what Islam teaches.

Fears over attacks on Muslim community raised

Really. I mean really? Is there any incident apart from some invented hijab tugging tales that remain unverifiable?

Concerns over harassment and threats against Muslims were also raised in the meeting.

Muslim Youth WA co-founder Shameema Kolia said verbal attacks had been levelled at Muslim women.

Muselmaniacs always hide behind women.  Asymmetrical warfare.

“Muslim women are clearly visible and you can see that difference,” she said.

“So we have had incidents in Perth where people have passed comments to tell women to go back to where they’ve come from – ‘Do you have a bomb under your scarf?’ – that kind of stuff.

Run for a safe space, snowflake!

“We have had that but they are isolated cases in WA, which is fantastic.”

There you go. Isolated cases. Ignore the no-go zones!

She said her organisation was working closely with WA Police to build a better relationship between officers and young Muslim people.

Policing is not about pandering to Muslims.

“We’re looking at real programs that are going to change that perception that young people might have of police and that police might have of young people as well.”

“Real programs” sounds like lots of $$$$ moolah/jiziya to make Mustards feel better.

The Premier has condemned recent cases of harassment and assured Muslim leaders of the Government’s support for their communities.

Strange that the Premier didn’t find it necessary to assure the taxpaying public that they would be safe from Mohammedan savages.

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  1. “Muslim leaders …… to discuss ways to overcome fears surrounding their religion and break down cultural barriers.”

    The muslim religion is based on fear. Cultural barriers are caused by a mentality which sharply divides the world’s people into ‘muslim’ and ‘kaffir’.

    Self generated segregation. They should stop blaming us for their problems. Better still – stop being muslims.

  2. Let’s have more non-Muslims in Muslim communities explaining how their foul, inhuman attitudes are affecting non-Muslims. This nation is truly insane, at least at the leadership level.

  3. The only logical, rational and sensible thing to be done …

    Purge islam appeasers …
    Purge islams …
    Purge isalm …
    Globally !!!

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