Will Anne Aly return the funds she received for her failed “deradicalization programs?”

Australia: Muslim teen in deradicalization program plotted jihad massacre
Oz “deradicalizer” Anne Aly, who has now become a parliamentarian.

Deradicalization programs, upon which the West has placed so much hope, have long been an obvious failure. Such programs are based on the premise that the true teachings of Islam are peaceful, and so all that needs to be done is show the jihadis how they’re misunderstanding the Qur’an and overlooking its teachings of peace, and all will be well. But since the Qur’an and Sunnah are full of commands to make war against and subjugate unbelievers, the idea that jihadis can be “deradicalized” by reference to them is just a myth told to Infidel authorities to lull them into complacency.

Well, let’s see. De-radicalization programs have been implemented elsewhere, notably in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Let’s look at how they fared. From the Jihad Watch archives:

Gitmo prisoner reveals: Saudi “deradicalization program” is really a jihad training program

11 ex-Gitmo prisoners flee the Saudi “rehabilitation program” and join up with terrorist groups

Jaw-dropper: 25 former Gitmo detainees “return to militancy” despite Saudi rehab program!

Graduate from Saudi jihadi rehab program killed in Syrian jihad: “killed a large number of Christians before his acceptance by God”

Flight 253 jihadist wasn’t cured by Saudi anti-jihad art therapy

Former Guantanamo detainee now top al-Qaeda ideologue — “He was transferred to Saudi Arabia in 2006 where he was placed in a national rehabilitation project.”

Indonesian government admits that its jihadist rehab program is a failure

Nor have they worked elsewhere:

France’s deradicalization centers seen as a “total fiasco”

“Teenager pleads guilty to terror plans,” Sky News, March 24, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A Sydney teenager who was in a deradicalisation program has pleaded guilty in Parramatta Childrens Court to planning a terrorist attack on Anzac Day in 2016, and remanded in custody until April 21….

The teenager’s been accused of using an encrypted message app to try and obtain a gun for his intended April 25 attack and, when that failed, a bomb manual.

2 thoughts on “Will Anne Aly return the funds she received for her failed “deradicalization programs?””

  1. Muslims don’t become ‘radicalised.’ They just stop being apostates (i.e. ‘moderate Muslims’) and start following, literally, the life and example of their ‘Prophet,’ aka ‘The Perfect Man.’ And all the money gullible kaffurs throw at ‘anti-radicalisation programmes’ will never achieve anything. I have no doubt it’s just seen as a form of jizzya, from a conquered people to their Muslim overlords

  2. Islam’s Jihad is progressing nicely, at taxpayers expense. When will we learn? Surely Europe’s experience is enough to bring some sense to Australia’s politicians? No. Gray is spot on. And the more the political class whitewashes Islam the bolder it gets. Advance Australia? We are going backwards.

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