Australia: Muslim who murdered six by hitting them with his car says “Muslim faith is the correct faith”

 Robert Spencer:

Back in January when I initially reported on Gargasoulas’ self-identification as a Muslim, numerous people indignantly tweeted and emailed me, saying that Dimitrious Gargasoulas was not Muslim, he was Greek, and this was not a jihad attack, as he was simply insane. That Islam is a religion and Greek is a nationality seemed to escape a surprising number of people, including Australian authorities. But indeed, Gargasoulas did seem to be quite unbalanced, and his statements at his court appearance only underscore that fact. What mainstream analysts fail to grasp is that being unbalanced and being a jihadi are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Islam attracts the psychically marginal, as it provides them with a justification of and blessing for their impulses to rage, hatred and violence.

“Alleged Bourke Street killer declares: ‘I am the saviour,’” by Adam Cooper, The Age, April 19, 2017 (thanks to JW):

Bourke Street accused killer say’s he’s ‘the saviour’ in court rant
The man accused over the Bourke Street massacre in Melbourne has claimed Islam is the ‘correct faith’ and he is ‘the saviour’ in a bizarre rant in court…

Gargasoulas also told the court that “all law is illegal for Aboriginal and Islamic people.”

“Your honour, did you know Muslim faith is the correct faith? And that I’m not guilty? I am the saviour.’

Everyone with an QI above today’s temperature knew he was a Moslem and the media lied & “authorities” covered it up!

His ex girlfriend said he was a Moslem, he called himself a Moslem on FB, his best mate said he went off the rails when he became a Moslem and two witnesses said he yelled out “Allah Akbar”

But the fake news media and the apologists still believe Islam is a race and therefore he can’t possibly be a Moslem?


“Alleged Bourke Street killer declares: ‘I am the saviour,’” by Adam Cooper, The Age, April 19, 2017

Alleged Bourke Street killer Dimitrious Gargasoulas has declared himself “the saviour” and not guilty in his first appearance before a court since he was charged over the deadly drive through Melbourne’s CBD.

Mr Gargasoulas, 26, appeared to be smirking as he appeared before Melbourne Magistrates Court via video link from prison on Wednesday,wearing a black jumper, with stubble on his chin and with his hair all black.

“Your Honour, do you know … I want to tell you something,” he called out, before he was cut off by his lawyer, who told him there were media in the court.

Mr Gargasoulas then said: “I just want to say that Aboriginal law is identical to Muslim law.”

He then mentioned the Bible and Koran, and continued: “Did you know that Muslim faith is the correct faith according to the whole world? And I am not guilty.”

He ended his rant with the statement: “I am the saviour.” Magistrate Kate Hawkins then cut off the video link.

Mr Gargasoulas had not appeared before a court since he allegedly killed six people on January 20 by driving a maroon Holden Commodore deliberately at pedestrians about 1.30pm….

6 thoughts on “Australia: Muslim who murdered six by hitting them with his car says “Muslim faith is the correct faith””

  1. “The Muslim faith is the correct faith” only for those who believe in the verbal diarrhoea of the dead murdering paedophile prophet of Islam. This guy should get a 6 foot drop through the manhole with a rope around his neck, but knowing the Victorian justice system these days he will properly get off with a warning and a compensation payout for mental stress. Only In Victoria!

  2. Idiot! The sooner we get rid of all Muslims, the better the whole country will be.

    1. Henry its not quite as simple as that. You have to understand that the first victims of the koran are muslims themselves. If a muslim kills an infidel in obedience to the koran that infidel becomes a secondary victim. If you have a diseased tree cutting the limbs off wont eradicate the disease from the tree, you have to remove the roots and all. The koran is the disease in the tree. Banning the koran is the only way to deal with this poison that is capable of causing such sickness when introduced or absorbed into ones mind. No koran, no muslims.

      1. No, that is not the final solution….it is a piece of it, but not the entirety of the solution….the moslem needs eradicated. Just ask some of the most prolific leaders of the modern era. The agree; specifically Churchill. He knew the danger of Islam long before today.

  3. It absolutely amazes me that this can happen and not be reported by the media. What in Gods name has happened to western civilisation! The media is now an active disinformation agency, full on out in the open.

  4. Aisha was 9. Donkeys don’t fly. There are no goats in space. Women are not less intelligent and are not worth 1/2. FGM has NO medical benefits and SEVERAL medical and psychological consequences. Camel urine has NO medicinal properties. Breastfeeding a man 5 times does NOT make him less aroused, or related to you. The Satanic Verses include verses from the Koran. Pedophila, thighing and rape are wrong for ANY one, as is death for homosexuality and apostasy. Islam is NOT the “2nd largest and fastest growing” religion because MOST have been forced in and are waiting to escape. Islam is about to fall! The world knows the truth!!

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