Macron wants to sacrifice France on the altar of the Utopian agenda of the one world village

Macron the Multiculturalist

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If the English-language press keeps up with events in France, then you must know that the push to make Emmanuel Macron the next president is accelerating dramatically as political luminaries rally to his side. Including former Prime minister Manuel Valls.

While the MSM press spares no effort to promote, however discretely, Macron’s image, the patriots are experiencing genuine fear of a Macron victory. Despite the popularity of Marine Le Pen, an energized Macron is appealing to the immigrants as did François Hollande five years ago. What worked then, could very well work again.

There are all kinds of rumors regarding this election, but I prefer not to waste time on articles that aren’t reliable. Remember, Saturday was April Fool’s and the French are very talented at creating completely plausible, yet totally false, tales of political intrigue.

The following from Jacques Guillemain, writing at Riposte Laïque, recounts the appearance in Marseille on Saturday April 1 of Emmanuel Macron. But this is no joke. Macron pulls out the standardized ode to multiculturalism, his voice rising in pitch until the final “I see Frenchmen!” that blows the crowd away:

“Être patriote…”, l’anaphore d’Emmanuel… by BFMTVMacron is certifiable.

In Marseille, Macron shouted his lungs out as he showed us his true concept of the France of tomorrow. He is a veritable grave-digger of the nation, a destroyer of our identity, the slayer of our Judeo-Christian roots.

Those intoxicated by his youth and his rhetoric of renewal, must understand that he wants to make a clean slate of our cultural heritage and turn France into a salmagundi of disparate peoples, so different from each other they will never be able to share a common future. France will be submerged.

Macron will cause our millenia-old France to disintegrate. He will destroy two thousand years of history in one five-year term. He has completely lost his mind. His election will cause an unprecedented detonation in the country from which it will never recover.

His immigration policy will be a one-way ticket to our disappearance.

In less than five minutes, he demolished the cultural heritage bequeathed to us by our ancestors.

He liquidated, without flinching, the France that we love and that our ancestors built through the centuries with their blood and tears. Our identity, our culture, our customs and traditions, our historical heritage were swept away as if they had never existed. The France of the past is of no interest to him. Globalism and multiculturalism have become his obsessions.

Note: Below, in italics, is the excerpt in the video. He begins each sentence with “être patriot”, “to be patriotic”. Note too that at the bottom of the screen image above is this quote from Macron: “We are the profound rotation of power, patriots open to a world that is changing, and that is why they hate us.” For Macron the rotation of power is inevitable and cannot be stopped. It is not as if the people have a choice. The people are following a destiny that has been prepared for them.“To be patriotic is not the left restricted in its Utopia. To be patriotic is not the right lost in its humiliating words and its spirit of revenge, it is not the Front National, the turning inward and the hatred that will lead to civil war. To be patriotic is to want a strong France, open within Europe and contemplating the world.”

“When I look at Marseille, I see a French city created by two thousand years of history, of immigration, of Europe….”

“I see Armenians, Comorians, Italians, Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Malians, Senegalese, Ivorians, I see loads of others I cannot identify. But what do I see? I see the people of Marseille! What do I see? I see Frenchmen!”This is like saying that the France of 2022 will be unrecognizable, with an Illuminati who wants to follow in the footsteps of Merkel and welcome the entire planet.

Macron is dangerous. He will blow society apart, while integration is already a failure.

France is going to be sacrificed on the altar of the Utopian agenda of the great world village.

With Macron, France will reach the end of her history.

Note: We should take the author seriously, and at the same time remember that 1) Macron may lose and 2) if France is blown apart, it may open the way to a rebuilding. To rebuild from the ashes is also the way of the world.

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  1. Perhaps we need a western democracy to fall to Islam. Maybe the rest would wake up. It would be funny to see the French fleeing to England as refugees!

    1. Won’t be long now. Don’t touch that dial. Sit back and pass the popcorn.

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