Malaysia tries to enforce Pact of Umar

In this video, Robert Spencer discusses the legendary Pact of Umar, and what it reveals about the status of Jews and Christians in Islamic law.

These Guidelines For New Non-Muslim Places Of Worship In Selangor Will Be Reviewed

by Nandini Balakrishnan — 10 Apr 2017

… 1. New non-Muslim places of worship must not be built within 50 metres of a home owned by a Muslim.

2. Planned non-Muslim places of worship in areas with a multi-racial community requires the consent of residents within a 200-metre radius before it is built.

3. New non-Muslim places of worship must be lower than the mosque nearest to it. …

Below you will find a list of all the degrading and humiliating stipulations dhimmies were forced to agree to, if they didn’t want to be butchered.

  • The ruler would provide security for the Christian believers who follow the rules of the pact.
  • Prohibition against building new churches, places of worship, monasteries, monks or a new cell. Hence it was also forbidden to build new synagogues, although it is known that new synagogues were built after the occupation of the Islam, for example in Jerusalem and Ramle. The law that prohibits to build new synagogueswas not new for the Jews, it was applied also during the Byzantines. It was new for the Christians.
  • Prohibition against rebuilding destroyed churches, by day or night, in their own neighborhoods or those situated in the quarters of the Muslims.
  • Prohibition against hanging a cross on the Churches.
  • Muslims should be allowed to enter Churches (for shelter) in any time, both in day and night.
  • Obliging the call of prayer by a bell or a kind of Gong (Nakos) to be low in volume.
  • Prohibition of Christians and Jews against raising their voices at prayer times.
  • Prohibition against teaching non-Muslim children the Qur’an.
  • Christians were forbidden to show their religion in public, or to be seen with Christian books or symbols in public, on the roads or in the markets of the Muslims.
  • Palm Sunday and Easter parades were banned.
  • Funerals should be conducted quietly.
  • Prohibition against burying non-Muslim dead near Muslims.
  • Prohibition against raising a pig next to a Muslims neighbor.
  • Christian were forbidden to sell Muslims alcoholic beverage.
  • Christians were forbidden to provide cover or shelter for spies.
  • Prohibition against telling a lie about Muslims.
  • Obligation to show deference toward Muslims. If a Muslim wishes to sit, non-Muslim should be rise from his seats and let the Muslim sit.
  • Prohibition against preaching Muslim to conversion out of Islam.
  • Prohibition against preventing the conversion to Islam of some one who wants to convert.
  • The appearance of the non-Muslims has to be different from those of the Muslims: Prohibition against wearing Qalansuwa (kind of dome that was used to wear by Bedouin), Bedouin turban (Amamh), Muslims shoes, and Sash to their waists. As to their heads, it was forbidden to comb the hair sidewise as the Muslim custom, and they were forced to cut the hair in the front of the head. Also non-Muslim shall not imitate the Arab-Muslim way of speech nor shall adopt the kunyas (Arabic byname, such as “abu Khattib”).
  • Obligation to identify non-Muslims as such by clipping the heads’ forelocks and by always dressing in the same manner, wherever they go, with binding the zunar (a kind of belt) around the waists. Christians to wear blue belts or turbans, Jews to wear yellow belts or turbans, Zoroastrians to wear black belts or turbans, and Samaritans to wear red belts or turbans.
  • Prohibition against riding animals in the Muslim custom, and prohibition against riding with a saddle.
  • Prohibition against adopting a Muslim title of honor.
  • Prohibition against engraving Arabic inscriptions on signet seals.
  • Prohibition against any possession of weapons.
  • Prohibition against teaching children the Koran.
  • Non-Muslims must host a Muslim passerby for at least 3 days and feed him.
  • Non-Muslims prohibited from buying a Muslim prisoner.
  • Prohibition against taking slaves who have been allotted to Muslims.
  • Prohibition against non-Muslims to lead, govern or employ Muslims.
  • If a non-Muslim beats a Muslim, his Dhimmi is removed.
  • The worship places of non-Muslims must be lower in elevation than the lowest mosque in town.
  • The houses of non-Muslims must not be taller in elevation than the houses of Muslims.
  • Houses of the non-Muslims must be short so that each time that they would enter or exit their houses they would have to bend, in a way that it would remind them of their low status in the world.

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  1. Indonesia will be next in line for a move to Sharia Law all over the country. We will then have 300 million or so “normalised” Muslims at our front door. There is a group of Indonesians that lay claim to part of the NT. They call it “South Timor”. When I was in the military, every move, every purchase, every bit of training was predicated on the assumption that the real threat was from Indonesia. It has yet to materialise because they are too busy fighting each other. If ever they unite and decide to take us on, we have little to defend ourselves with. We would be too busy fighting the internal uprising from Muslims living here already. It is already a drain on us financially. Muslims are near unemployable, polygamy is rife (paid for by social security) and we spend a fortune on anti-terrorism measures. There is only one answer. Get rid of all Muslims. They do not belong here.

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