Sweden: Muslims fear ‘backlash….’


What did Sweden do to deserve Islamic terror attacks? Did they enslave black people? Did they colonize Arabia? No. They are guilty of allowing Mohammedan headbangers to settle in their midst, behind enemy lines, from where they plot the demise of the infidel society.

Here’s a typical BS report from the NYT:

The attack struck the heart of a nation known for its peacefulness and tolerance, and turned a warm spring afternoon into a scene of terror.

Stockholm’s Central Station was shut down. The tube network was also closed amid fears the suspect was hiding underground but has now been cleared to open, according to Stockholm’s public transport authority.

Officers said the vehicle crashed into a group of people on the street outside a shopping centre in Klarabergsgatan after racing down six streets at about 3pm local time.

Hundreds of shoppers were seen fleeing for their lives after the articulated lorry rammed into the corner of the building. Horrifying images of the aftermath show blood smeared on the roads and bodies covered by blankets. Dozens more have been injured, some critically.

Armed terrorists were then seen running into Stockholm’s Central railway station and opening fire. Two people were also said to have been stabbed. Police have shut the station down, which is the main hub for communal transport in the city.

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7 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslims fear ‘backlash….’”

  1. And there will be another, another and another.

    Muslims should fear a f(*(&cking backlash, this shit never happened before they started arriving.

  2. Funny how Muslims fear backlash but the rest of the world should not fear Islam, even though it is Islam doing the killing. There need be no backlash. Just send every Muslim back to wherever they came from. If they were born locally, send them to wherever their parents came from.

  3. These islamic turds will keep doing this. They have a plan and, no matter what the low iq idiots of the NYT write, the only way to stop these terrorists is to change the boundary conditions that the libtards put into place via obama and his pc wankers.

  4. Why do never Japan have trouble with these stampeding lorries? Could it be different trafficrules

  5. next will be a candlelight vigil and then a big pro muslim rally with people holding up signs that say “migrants welcome” as they speak about how disrespectful they’ve been to muslims and they have to adopt sharia law and provide more programs for the loving migrants who feel they have no outlet for their much justified rage except violent attacks.

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