“Far-right terrorism is becoming a bigger threat than Jihadi terrorism”

…and Islam is a religion of peace.

Here’s a video by Simon Harris.  Thank him for it. The article by Robert Spencer, from which Harris reads in this video is here; sometimes it’s a bit difficult to tell whether he is quoting Ebner or Spencer, so you can refer to that for reference.

Meanwhile,Robert Spencer repeatedly asked Julia Ebner and Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam for a retraction and apology. They have ignored his repeated requests, not even deigning to give him the courtesy of a reply.

All you really have to know is what Quilliam is, what the goal of his founder Abdullah Quilliam was and is, and then you take a real close look at Maajid Nawaz and his phony moderate credentials are. When you scratch the surface, you’ll quickly see that its just another front for the Islamic expansion program.

Julia Ebner is just a spring chicken, befuddled with Nawaz’s looks and charm; indoctrinated with leftist gibberish, which she uses to smear the enemies of Islam. May the burqa rest lightly on her shoulders!

In other news:

CBS News: “Wives of ISIS fighters attempting return to NORMAL LIFE in Europe”: Their normal lives? Waging jihad,… 

UK Quilliam claims it wants to reform Islam. So why do they use thename of Jihadist Quilliam instead of an actual reformer?

The myth of right-wing terrorismDr Merv Bendle

2 thoughts on ““Far-right terrorism is becoming a bigger threat than Jihadi terrorism””

  1. Release Anders Behring Breivik
    The myth of right-wing terrorism” [sic] …
    Release Anders Behring Breivik

    Release Anders Behring Breivik
    Anders Behring Breivik …
    an islam appeaser’s worse than worst nightmare !!!
    Release Anders Behring Breivik

    What to do with Traitorous non-islam Politicians Politicals Local Government Councillors and the suicidal self-hating “others … who demonstrate for islam” …
    Anders Behring Breivik tried stopping the “Lefts” and created …
    2083 – A European Declaration of Independence.
    In the document Breivik exposes multiculturalism and the “threat” of Muslim immigration to Norway, as well as Marxism and the Norwegian Labor Party.

    The mentioned movie presentation of the compendium

    movie presentation of the compendium alternatives

    This following is (perhaps) the only rational explanation for the expansion of Islam.
    Because – consider these FACTS’ ….
    • Only an Arab can be a REAL/TRUE islam (“allah’s” vermin).
    • A non-Arab (eg black African or Caucasian) can only ever be an Islam Slave (even if they are practising islam (“allah’s” curse))
    • Yet “non-Arab islams (“allah’s” vermin)” abound in a political ideology that totally subjugates them to Arabs.

    Every thing a non-Arab born/convert to islam (“allah’s” slave) does is ….
    • SO THAT THE ARAB (the real islams (The “allah’s” vermin) ) WILL NOT HURT THEM!

    This (perhaps) explains why these non-Arab born/convert islams (“allah’s” slaves) are VERY willing to obey COMMANDS from their enslavers that are absolutely irrational.

    Could “Stockholm Syndrome” be used as the scientific term for when ….
    islams (“allah’s” vermin) explains/defends [usually via their HISSY fits] their COWARDICE.

    Release Anders Behring Breivik
    Think about it – Anders Behring Breivik – denied criminal guilt (correctly) and claimed the defense of “necessity”(again correctly) – targeted the children of the non-islam Norwegian Political elite who are slaves of Islam.
    (Release Anders Behring Breivikindefinite extension [of incarceration] … is what the islam appeasers are doing to this saviour of civilised society)
    Release Anders Behring Breivik

  2. Those who label Brevik a Christian are either as crazy as he is or deliberately attempting to cloud the issues. I believe the latter to be the case. Real Christians are not terrorists. Real Christians are the victims of Islam. Christians are routinely falsely imprisoned, tortured, enslaved and murdered for their faith. By whom? Muslims of course! Now how many”right wing” terrorists are in prison for acts of terror? One. How many Muslims? Yeah, a few more than one. This is an attempt to preempt those who would attempt to raise a militia to defend their country when civil war breaks out. Self defence is not terrorism. What country could guarantee that their leaders won’t sell them out when Islam gets too much to handle? They’ve already allowed Islam to get away with murder, literally. What else can the people of Europe do?

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