George Christensen tries to stop visit from neo-Nazi Mike Enoch for DingoCon convention

Christensen, stop wagging the dog! Whoever heard of Mike Enoch? Whatever he is or does endangers none of us. He represents nothing and no one  and has no following to speak of.  To deny him his free speech  while the worst kind of Islamic headbangers are allowed to visit this country to spew their poison will make it even harder for people like Ayaan Ali Hirsi,  Brigitte Gabriel and all those telling the truth about Islam to find venues and get the support they so desperately need.


Coalition MP George Christensen is trying to shut down a visit from American neo-Nazi Mike Enoch, and is renouncing his association with the group planning Mr Enoch’s appearance in Sydney.

“Like radical Islamic sheikhs that come here to spread messages of hate, these people shouldn’t be allowed into the country,” the backbencher told AM.

Mr Enoch’s US-based website and podcast is strewn with veiled references to Adolf Hitler, describes Jews and Muslims as a “f***ing cancer” and calls for white people to control all aspects of US society.

The Australian Fascist Facebook page confirmed he was billed as the headline for DingoCon, a political convention to be held in Sydney in July.

The convention is organised by The Dingoes, an ultra-nationalist Australian group that operates anonymously on the internet.

In February, Mr Christensen gave an interview for The Dingoes podcast, which he told AM he now regrets.

“It’s since been pointed out to me they’re extremely anti-Semitic, regularly make racial-based slurs and they subscribe to white nationalism,” he said.

“If I had known that there is no way I would have done that interview.”


Tickets to DingoCon are being advertised for $88.

The number 88 is a commonly used reference to the letters “HH”, shorthand for “Heil Hitler”, in neo-Nazi subculture.

“That is insanity,” Mr Christensen told AM, adding that such references were “anti-Australian” for “parading someone who slaughtered 6 million people, who Australia was fighting against”.

The ABC understands Mr Enoch, whose real name is Mike Peinovich, has not yet applied for a visa.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has the power to cancel or refuse a visa to any foreigner who is found not to be of good character, a spokesman for Mr Dutton said.

Neither the Australian Fascist Facebook page nor The Dingoes responded to AM’s request for an interview.

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2 thoughts on “George Christensen tries to stop visit from neo-Nazi Mike Enoch for DingoCon convention”

  1. Whoever heard of Mike Enoch? or The Dingoes?

    Yes, who?

    Is this Coalition MP George Christensen’s version of moral equivalence?

  2. Hey Christensen how about “What is good for one lot is good for another” Even if this neo nazi is a despicable dunderhead and should not be let into the country what about all the equally if not worse Islamonazi’s that are not only let in ,but given VIP treatment. You cannot “DISCRIMINATE” against one group without you do exactly the same to the other. Obviously this is beyond Christensen’s comprehension.

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