“NEW migrants” are brazenly asking Australian doctors to perform barbaric female genital mutilation on their children

WTF? Who floods the country with these “new migrants?”


NEW migrants are brazenly asking Australian doctors to perform barbaric female genital mutilation on their children, research into the illegal practice has revealed.

At least 10 doctors have been approached to give advice on where families can have the disfiguring surgery done. Three paediatricians have been asked to carry out the abuse themselves, a study has found.

The disturbing revelation comes as parliamentary papers show hundreds of NSW nurses and doctors are being given training to identify and treat a growing number of victims of the horrific practice arriving in NSW under a refugee program.

Dr Elliot: “We have no idea of the prevalence.”

Sydney University’s Elizabeth Elliott, one of the study authors, said one in 10 Australian paediatricians surveyed had treated a patient with FGM.

“It is recognised as physical abuse under Australian child protection laws and it must be reported to child protection authorities,” said Prof Elliott, a specialist in paediatric and child health.

The study, run by the paediatric surveillance unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, found that since 2010 doctors had seen almost 60 girls aged between four months and 17 years of age subjected to the procedure.

Many had undergone the most extreme form of mutilation — a partial or complete removal of the clitoris.

Prof Elliot said she was surprised at how many paediatricians had seen FGM child survivors in the past five years.

“We really have no idea of the prevalence and we suspect this is a gross underestimate of the number of girls who have been affected by this procedure,” she said.


Gillian Triggs says Coalition’s 457 visa changes appear to be motivated by racism
Human rights commissioner shyster Gillian Triggs has said cuts to the 457 visa program and an increase in visa cancellations were being carried out “on what look to be racist grounds”.
“While asylum seekers have been declining in numbers, the number of those visa cancellations on character grounds are going up,” Triggs said.
She said Australian-based detention centres like Western Australia’s Yongah Hill and Villawood in New South Wales were largely “out of sight and mind” for the public.
“But they are filling up with visa cancellations,” she said, adding that she was concerned about a general “environment of nationalism, jingoism and populism being played out in a way that is racist and one that, in our experience in the Human Rights Commission, is increasingly based on some form of Islamic fear”.

“Misconceptions about the practice are common and doctors want more information on how to manage this illegal practice.”

AMA chief Michael Gannon said it was “absolutely essential doctors understand the law in Australia and this process is not only morally and ethically wrong it is illegal”.

“As a practising gynaecologist and obstetrician, I have seen personally first hand the havoc it wreaks on the wellbeing of girls and women,” Dr Gannon said.

“The reality of the changes in the demographic of the Australian population is that victims of this vulgar operation do exist in our society.

“We want to where possible offer sensitive care to those women.”

In response to an influx of thousands of new humanitarian refugees being settled in Sydney, NSW health authorities are beefing up specialist services to combat the scourge.

Dr Gannon called for more training for doctors to recognise and treat survivors, who can suffer lifelong medical issues including psychological trauma and birthing problems.


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  1. Gillian Triggs should be sent to a re-education facility in Saudi Arabia. Since Muslims control the UN, I’m sure that she would agree. She would learn much more about human rights and racism. If she made it back alive, I’m sure she would have a slightly different approach to human rights. She might even put the “human” back into it.

    1. No. She would quickly convert and wear the freedom sack with pride. She would be worse if she came back.

  2. And the doctors should either report this straight to the authorities so the child can be saved from this barbaric, inhuman and repugnant practice or if they do preform the procedure and they are found out, should have their licence to practice medicine revoked forever and sent to goal for at least 10 years.

  3. Is there any chance that somebody can revoke Gillian Trigg’s right in saying stupid, imbecilic and totally mind numbingly dumb statements. She really needs to be sent to live in some of the desert cesspits she is so fond of.

    “If you won’t help us mutilate children, you’re a racist!”

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