Trump, Comey & all that leftist psychobabble about Russia

Yes, I know, the entire media focus is on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. The conspiracy theories are abounding, and yet, we haven’t seen any definitive evidence warranting any investigation of the Trump administration regarding Russia. Now, as we shared yesterday, there is abundant proof Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engaged in collusion with Russia, along with Obama foreign electoral involvement.

I just find it glaringly hypocritical for the liberal progressive media to obfuscate and ignore those instances. It’s as though the progressive leftists believe the American populace to be so stupid that we don’t lucidly see their hypocrisy. All one has to do is tune into any of the liberal progressive media outlets and observe their insidious slant.

And while the media cycle is ablaze with this non-story, and the inane search for a Russian windmill, the global security situation continues to plummet into a disturbing state…and very close to home.

As reported by the Phoenix Business Journal, “Mexico is the world’s second most dangerous country, according to a new study. Only Syria is more a deadly conflict zone and Mexico is more dangerous than Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other global hot spots, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Mexico’s drug wars and violence between cartels resulted in 23,000 deaths last year.

Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner and the two share a 300-mile border. Commerce and trade as well as immigrants, smugglers and drug cartels traverse that border. There are also plenty of tourism links between Arizona and Mexico’s resort and beach towns. “The death toll in Mexico’s conflict surpasses those for Afghanistan and Somalia. This is all the more surprising, considering that the conflict deaths are nearly all attributable to small arms. Mexico is a conflict marked by the absence of artillery, tanks or combat aviation,” said IISS CEO and Director General John Chipman. The IISS study shows 157,000 people died in armed conflicts in 2016 down from 167,000 in 2015.”

Yes, can you imagine this? We have a combat zone more intense and deadly than Afghanistan on our southern border. And these liberal progressive chuckleheads are decrying a border wall? Let me explain a certain fact, which appears to mean little to our somewhat unhinged leftist Americans. Walls, or security obstacles, provide a proven modicum of security. Just ask the Israelis about building a wall separating themselves from the nomadic Arabs terrorists calling themselves “Palestinians.”

A simple study can demonstrate the reduction in Islamic terror attacks against the nation of Israel, a Jewish state fighting for its existence. There is no law and order in Mexico, and one could almost make the assertion that it is a failed state, unable to provide security for its citizens.


Are we to accept this along our porous and vulnerable southern border? Are the leftists so callous and dismissive of Americans who live along what has now become one of the most dangerous borders in the world? Also, it’s not just the threat of the TNCOs (Transnational Criminal Organizations) — the drug cartels — but also the threat of Islamic jihadist infiltration into America, aided by the TNCOs. Just as Israel must contend with Hamas tunnels out of Gaza — and yes, Mexico is more dangerous than the Gaza strip — we here in America have a steady flow of Islamists entering our nation. We’ve written here before about the assessment of the US Southern Command J2 Intelligence officer who stated that 10 percent or 30,000 of those detained illegally crossing our southern border were from states listed as terrorist sponsors or having Islamic terrorist groups within their borders. Yet still we have chucklehead judicial activists who block a temporary, 90-day, travel halt from these very same countries. What special kind of stupid are liberal progressive socialists?

And it’s not just the threat along our border, which the left wants to be “open,” but also the emerging threats showing up deep within our nation. In New York we have a serious problem with the gang MS-13, whom we should designate a domestic terrorist organization and crush them. We shared here the of MS-13 savagery in the brutal beating and killing of two young teenage girls in Long Island. Oops, sorry, these are just “dreamers” who have a right to be in America, and live off the largesse of honest American taxpayers.As well, we have these liberal progressive mayors, sheriffs, and even legislators as we reported here on Monday regarding Sacramento, California, who openly embrace “sanctuary city” status and harbor criminal illegal aliens coming to us from the second most dangerous country in the world.

Please, I am begging you progressive socialists, explain this to us. Help us to understand your ill advised and misplaced emotion rooted in a Bizarro World logic. Could it possibly be that the leftists in America have some deep-seated death wish and want to see our nation undermined and destroyed? And what are they to gain from all of this? Look at many of our urban areas and witness the lawlessness and control by gangs while good American citizens live in fear having been disarmed by the progressive leftists that control these cities and states.

Yes, I have a .38 revolver, a .380, a 9mm, a 40cal, a Remington 870 tactical shotgun, a Spikes Tactical Crusader AR-15, an F1 .223 carbine pistol, and a Sig Sauer MPX 9mm carbine…why? Because I live in a county where the commission voted 4-1 on a resolution to be a sanctuary county, yes, Dallas County. And not too far away there were two Islamic jihadists gunned down after they drove here from Arizona to kill Americans…and the FBI knew all about it. For me, that’s a very good reason to have fired James Comey.

The left wants us to be subservient, and subjects to their coercion, intimidation, and fascist nature. But even more disconcerting is that the left knows the barbarians aren’t just at the gate, they’re within the walls. And they want us to be unprotected from this violence and scourge…so we can end up being gunned down like people in Venezuela. America has to wake up, as we have a country to our south that is second only to the place which houses groups like ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Hezbollah, and the Iranian Quds Force.

While we’re being distracted, worrying about the mythical Russian influence into our elections, a violent combat zone has developed on our southern border, but I suppose this is also Donald Trump’s fault, like the collapsing Obamacare. And where there is violence and chaos, there are Islamic jihadists seeking to exploit the situation…which is why all of a sudden we hear about beheadings and IEDs being used south of our border.

Patriots, arm yourselves and make ready, as it appears our safety and security is truly our individual responsibility. If this doesn’t alarm you, what will? Perhaps we need to redeploy our forces out of Afghanistan, Iraq, the horn of Africa, and elsewhere and employ them along our southern border. Of course the left will castigate me as fear mongering, and that’s just another way they deny the problem and assail the messenger delivering the clarion call. Mexico is a dangerous place, that is fact, but often, facts to liberal progressives are like sunlight to vampires.


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  1. In every war, truth is inconvenient so it gets brushed aside. In every war there are some who will take sides. The leftists around the world have been mad at liberal democracy for a very long time. Any attempt to maintain liberal democracy is portrayed as an assault on human rights. The fact that most of the causes they support are among the worst violations of such rights are irrelevant as long as they fit the left’s goal. The idiocy of such policies, fed by breathtaking arrogance, is that the very forces they employ to help them will turn on them. It’s a bit like animal liberation people breaking into quarantine facilities and releasing all the dogs. Maybe one of those dogs has rabies and a catastrophe will be released. The illiberal left teams up with Islam. Islam will turn around and bite them. I’d rather get rabies than become a Muslim or live under Muslim rule.

  2. Of course Mexico is as dangerous as any given OTHER muslim country!

    ALL the so-called “Latino” countries were colonies of Spain itself, which had been violently invaded raped genocided and conquered by islam for nearly 1,000 years, so of course their inhabitants are also all genetically at least half-Arab (the other half being displaced Asians from the Aztec strains) and culturally MUSLIMS. This is why of all the so-called ‘Christian’ countries in the world, only those deriving from Spain have lazy, macho, women-hating and “honour killing” cultures!

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