Grand mufti makes a “jihad joke”

‘War is deceit’, said  Muhammad. His followers are having great fun deceiving us kuffars, while a “tiny minority of excremists” murders our children in the name of Islam and their coreligionists play the victim. Lets have some real fun and get the mufti to laugh at some Muhammad cartoons!

Our Grand Mufti makes a jihad “joke” in Arabic at an end-of-Ramandan dinner in Melbourne just a week before a jihadist killed a man and shot three police.

May have lost a lot in translation:


Australia’s Muslim Grand Mufti asked dinner guests in Melbourne ‘to make jihad’ for him in an odd joke less than a week after a terror attack in the city.

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed joked in Arabic about holy war at an Iftar dinner to commemorate the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, and complained about how Muslims are constantly called upon to condemn terrorism.

His English translator, Adel Salman, explained the Grand Mufti’s humour at the Sunday night charity event, in inner-city Brunswick, organised by the Islamic Council of Victoria.

‘He did make a joke at the expense of all of us and he asked you all to make jihad,’ he said.

“And if your jihad is to stop eating for a few minutes, while he gives his talk.

I’m curious to know precisely what the Mufti said next. The translator’s version is: “and you won’t be you-know-what after doing so.”