So the Hizbutts tell us we deserved it?

Bosch Fawstin‏:

“Climate change” exists in the minds of those who want to “save the world”, while not having to take on actual evil. It’s for moral cowards.

Reforming the unreformable Islam is as viable as reforming Nazism. To hell with the future of Islam, we need to focus on the West’s future.

CCTV shows police opening fire on London Bridge attackers – video

Video footage shows police marksmen opening fire on the London Bridge attackers in nearby Borough Market. It shows a scene of chaos shortly after the terrorists had stabbed people and concludes with eight officers shooting dead the three attackers

Be warned: ruthless Hizb ut-Tahrir has plans for Australia

It is not OK to insinuate we deserved it.

It is not OK to look at the faces of young Australians such as ­Kirsty Boden and Sara Zelenak, full of innocence and promise, and argue that commentary about the way they were hacked to death, probably while trying to help others, is alarmist or sensationalist.

Nor is it OK to see the dozens of others killed and maimed in Britain, or Kai Hao, the newly married 36-year-old father who was shot dead in Brighton, as mere collateral damage in some justified and expected response to global factors.

It is not OK to blame Western political leaders for this bloodshed.

We should. Because all of them are guilty in aiding and abetting the Islamic invasion of our countries.

And it is not OK to do so ­without any word of sympathy for victims or condemnation of the terrorists who wielded the weapons.

This is what Hizb ut-Tahrir effectively is saying by denying these were acts of Islamist terrorism and sheeting the blame elsewhere. “It is Western leaders who should be first held responsible,” spokesman Uthman Badar posted on Facebook, “for whose crimes more and more innocent people are paying a heavy price.”

Uthman Badar sees any resistance, any intervention in the islamic expansion program as a crime against the Muslim umma.

It is abhorrent to portray Muslims in Australia, Britain or anywhere as the victims of these horrific acts of terror while Western liberal democracies marshal police and security forces, laws and public debate in desperate efforts to protect innocent people, Muslim and non-Muslim, from this persistent, sickening threat.

Abhorrent? Islam has been abhorrent since its inception.

The victims are the dead and injured. The assaults deliberately target the innocent. The consequences inhibit freedom, safety and security for all — Muslims included.

Only Muslims are innocent. Muslims reject freedom and western values.

The people who create discomfort for Muslims are the Islamist extremists. If the majority of law-abiding and peace-loving Muslims resent having to display their disgust at terror or demonstrate their commitment to broader national values, they know the people to blame are the terrorists who have hijacked their religion.

Chris Kenny assumes, or rather hopes that there is a “majority of law-abiding and peace-loving Muslims”.  That may be so, but all are obliged to wage jihad, one way or another.

We don’t blame the victims. It is a tenet we adhere to in every other sphere, from sexual assaults to domestic violence. And we cannot tolerate the blaming of victims of Islamist terror.

Islam is different. If your daughter gets raped, you murder her.

That is the most reprehensible aspect of the Hizb ut-Tahrir response to the recent atrocities — the sheer coldness and callousness of disregarding the victims and deeming the culprits invisible in a bid to portray all Muslims as the true victims and the Western world as the aggressors.

That behavior is as islamic as Muhammad himself.

Yet in the battle of ideas it is the political craftiness of the response that is less confronting but more dangerous. It includes familiar strands of anti-US sentiment and Western self-loathing that we hear daily from the political/media class, public broadcasters and so-called progressives of academe.

Tell me about it.

This is the chronologically incorrect and strategically misleading effort to blame Islamist terrorism on interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, Syria or Somalia, on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian dispute or even on the rise of Donald Trump.

Leftoids are intellectually lazy and come with an inherent learning disability. Muslims cash in on that.

None of this takes account of the rise of Salafist jihadism more than a century before these events unfolded, or the sense of grievance and longing for pre-eminence that has existed in strands of Muslim thought for 1000 years, harking back to a time the caliphate stretched to the Iberian Peninsula, and that has been more palpable since the fall of the Ottoman ­Empire.

Of course not. That would require effort and learning.

The history of the ideology is important so that we understand the modern grievances are more important as propaganda tools than they are as wellsprings of ­fanaticism or true motivations.

Still, it is the West that is blamed. And regardless of foreign policy views — for certainly people are entitled to have opposed the Gulf wars or other interventions — it is deplorable to excuse or condone the slaughter of girls at a concert or families in the street as a justifiable response. Hizb ut-Tahrir is careful not to do this explicitly, just as it is careful not to explicitly condemn the Islamist terrorists.

That’s their modus operandi.

Badar condemns Western interventions to settle Middle Eastern conflicts together with Western counter-terrorism initiatives as “secular liberal terror”. He is a clever and articulate advocate, skilled at twisting all arguments back to Muslim grievance.

Many Muslims are highly trained agitprops. Badar is better than most.

His mission is subversive and provides the intellectual and ideological underpinning for anyone heading down the road to violent Islamist extremism. We need to contest these ideas in the public square, if not shut them down.

In another Facebook post yesterday, he responded to that nationalistic taunt someone must have thrown at him: if you are so opposed to Western liberal democracies, why don’t you leave?

His response betrayed the long-term aims of Islamist fundamentalists.

No. It didn’t.

“Islam teaches self-sacrifice for betterment of the collective, not an outlook revolving around personal interest,” he said.

“As a Muslim, I dislike what is wrong and wrongs should be changed, not run away from.”

Straight out of the Qur’an*. Add to this the obligation and the blessings  of al hijrah.

So he is about changing Australia, not leaving it.


We can play down his chances and leave him to his fantasy. Or we can look at fundamentalist teaching, societal concessions such as segregated swimming pools and boys refusing to shake the hands of female teachers, and the extremes of terrorism, and consider that the sooner we stand up for our own values the better.

We’ve been waiting for a long time to see Australians stand up for their own values, But every time someone does, he’s being shouted down as a ‘racist-bigot-Islamophobe’. It will be a long time before something changes.

*”Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).

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