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My editorial from The Bolt Report: our politicians wouldn’t barricade our borders, now they must barricade our squares and malls. What uselessness is this?

Stones of stupidity
Stones of stupidity

This brand new SteynPost was taped hours before this morning’s shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others at a GOP team practice for the Congressional baseball game. Mark looks at recent examples of political violence, and the left’s preference not for winning the debate but for shutting down the debate – by any means necessary.


FREE RIDEWe keep letting them in and then, even when they are discovered to be liars and frauds, we keep letting them stay.

And then we end up putting them in jail:

A fake Pakistani refugee who raped a female customer he picked up while driving an Uber was in Australia only because a court stopped the federal government from kicking him out of the country.

In the latest judiciary citizenship bungle, The Daily Telegraph can reveal Muhammad Naveed was a fake refugee with bogus documents who once returned to ­Pakistan — even though he had said going home would put him in danger.

The 41-year-old was convicted of a sickening 2015 rape on Tuesday and sentenced to a minimum of six years and four months in jail.

Allowing him to stay obviously put his victim in great danger. Yet authorities, despite abundant evidence of Naveed’s fakery, overturned a deportation attempt:

His visa application was rejected by the government in 2013 but that decision was overturned later that year by the Refugee Review Tribunal, now part of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The AAT has been embroiled in controversy since The Daily Telegraph recently revealed it had stopped several murderers, rapists and other hardened criminals from being deported.

Naveed’s visa was cancelled again after Pakistani officials confirmed he had fabricated numerous documents on which he relied to claim his brother had been kidnapped and he was under threat.

Naveed returned to Pakistan for a month in 2015.

He returned again two months before he was charged with raping his ­female passenger.

Use the word “tranny” in Australia and you’ll face a government investigation. Lie to immigration officials and everyone’s like: “Hey, give the guy a break. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Isil fanatic emailed the PM’s office threatening to ‘wage jihad’ before getting job on Crossrail 
 The bit to take notice of is this: After Ahmed was arrested a probation officer told him that Islam was a “peaceful and respectful” religion, but he replied: “No. It is a religion of war.”? I believe him. Why won’t the authorities believe jihadists when they tell us this?  An …Read More…From the Telegraph

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  1. The judiciary has a lot to answer for but they are answerable to no one. They are using their privileged positions to override the will of the people, expressed through elections. Judges should be upholding the law, not creating it.

    1. Was in MEL on the weekend, walked past Flinders station; no bollards. Thousands of people in the street, that’s where the next attack will happen. Then they will put bollards there too.

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