Don’t you dare to mock Islamic savages!


Making fun of Islamic State makes Muslim students feel “unsafe”


University Accuses Student of "Islamophobia" For Mocking ISIS
 A law student at Edinburgh University claims he is under investigation for “Islamophobia” because he mocked the Islamic State.

Robbie Travers, who is also a commentator with the Gatestone Institute, posted on Facebook that another individual at the college reported him to campus authorities for making fun of the terror group.

“Afraid I’ve been a little more quiet as I have been accused of Islamophobia because I mocked ISIS, and I’m being investigated on such a ground by my University. Mocking ISIS allegedly made Islamic and minority students feel “threatened” and “unsafe,” so goes the complainant’s ramblings. Have engaged legal advice to dismiss this nonsense. Wish me luck,” wrote Travers.

In a subsequent post, Travers also revealed that he was being investigated for criticizing the Islamic hijab as an affront to women’s rights as well as another Facebook message in which he praised Prime Minister Theresa May for not wearing a hijab.

“Can one not criticise a religion without making people feel unsafe? Can we not criticise Islam at British Universities?” asked Travers.

Two further complains were then made against Travers because he said drag queens should be able to perform at LGBT events, an idea labeled “transphobic”.

Given that Travers is bisexual, his concerns may have centered around the fact that ISIS throws homosexuals from the roofs of buildings, although the University of Edinburgh is apparently more concerned about hurting Muslim student’s feelings.

The irony of course is that by assuming Muslims would be offended by someone making fun of ISIS, it’s the University which is responsible for engaging in Islamophobia by implicitly suggesting all Muslims support ISIS.

Last year, another student at the University of Edinburgh claimed that on-campus censorship of free speech was “out of control”.

“Soon after I arrived, I learned of the bizarre ‘safe space’ and No Platform policies on this campus and other campuses across Britain,” said Charlie Peters.

The Edinburgh University Students’ Association also announced last year that it was banning certain Halloween costumes because they represented “cultural appropriation”.

Back in January, a BBC comedy skit called The Real Housewives of ISIS stoked “outrage” amongst some despite the fact that it served to mock the Islamic State.

Two New Totalitarian Movements: Radical Islam and Political Correctness

by A. Z. Mohamed

  • The attempt in the West to impose a strict set of rules about what one is allowed to think and express in academia and in the media — to the point that anyone who disobeys is discredited, demonized, intimidated and in danger of losing his or her livelihood — is just as toxic and just as reminiscent of Orwell’s diseased society.
  • The main facet of this PC tyranny, so perfectly predicted by George Orwell, is the inversion of good and evil — of victim and victimizer. In such a universe, radical Muslims are victimized by the West, and not the other way around. This has led to a slanted teaching of the history of Islam and its conquests, both as a justification of the distortion and as a reflection of it.
  • Thought-control is necessary for the repression of populations ruled by despotic regimes. That it is proudly and openly being used by self-described liberals and human-rights advocates in free societies is not only hypocritical and shocking; it is a form of aiding and abetting regimes whose ultimate goal is to eradicate Western ideals.

Political correctness (PC) has been bolstering radical Islamism. This influence was most recently shown again in an extensive exposé by the Clarion Project in July 2017, which demonstrates the practice of telling “deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them in order to forget any fact that has become inconvenient” — or, as George Orwell called it in his novel, 1984, “Doublespeak.”

This courtship and marriage between the Western chattering classes and radical Muslim fanatics was elaborated by Andrew C. McCarthy in his crucial 2010 book, The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.

Since then, this union has strengthened. Both the United States and the rest of the West are engaged in a romance with forces that are, bluntly, antagonistic to the values of liberty and human rights.

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