All(-ah) hail the useful idiots who submit to Islam!

Mocking the murderous Islamic State may be a hate crime, according to Edinburgh University.

The Left are the useful idiots of the Islamists Mohammedans:

Edinburgh University is investigating a law student over claims that he mocked Islamic State on social media and put “minority students at risk and in a state of panic and fear”.

An official at the university who conducted a preliminary investigation allegedly accused the third-year law student of having committed a “hate crime” even though there has been no criminal investigation by the police.


Islam, religion of peace: 

Across Australia, police are currently investigating about 70 terrorism plots.

Who let them in? Why?

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  1. Re: In the complaint being investigated at the university, it is alleged that Mr Travers had been “targeting minority students and student spaces” (by dissing ISIS itself).

    So Allman was admitting that some of the Edinburgh University students whom she knows and supervises are also ISIS members.

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