“Rohingya”: Court Evidence Prove Terror Ties

India Plans To Deport 40,000

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Not so good news for the so called “innocent” Rohingya – Bangladesh illegals terrorising Burma. Not only do they not look Burmese at all, but most of them don’t even speak the local language fluently after claiming to have ancestors from ‘centuries’ in the country. Of course there are regular Bangla civilians trapped in the middle of this Jihad cause but that’s a problem the Bangladesh government must deal with once the people are back in their homeland. It’s not a problem that other countries should be forced to adopt  or import.

Who else but India (and Israel) would understand what Myanmar is going through. Look at their history with Muslims. The brutality, landgrab and problems have not ended to this day.

One of our readers informed us:

Bangladesh muslims migrated to Myanmar (Burma) illegally by just crossing the porous border by all methods because of population explosion in Former East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The country suffers many ‘Rohingya gangs’ in Bangladesh that are involving in human trafficking.

The ‘Rohungya’ have never been an original ethnic group of Myanmar (Burma) according to the history as well as international history of the country. They are from Bangladesh and should be named as Bangladeshi Bengali but definitely not the Rohingya. They have created the term “Rohingya’ [just like the Palestinians fabricated the term “Palestinian”] which has a meaning “the natives Arakan” in Bengali language Chittagaung dialect (Rohan = Arakan and “Gya” or “Ja” means “Native”). Therefore the real Arakanese (Rakhaings) and Burmese cannot accept the term Rohingya to describe the muslim infiltrators and occupiers. There has never been a Rohingya group in Burmese or in Indo-Pakistani history.

India: Rohingya have ‘terror’ ties

In court case on expelling 40,000 Rohingya, home ministry cites secret evidence showing links to armed groups.

Demonstrators in New Delhi shout slogans against the killing of Rohingya in Myanmar last week [Adnan Abidi/Reuters]

India’s government said on Monday it has evidence showing some Rohingya in the country have ties to “terror organisations” and pose a security threat that justifies a mass deportation of the ethnic group.

India’s home ministry said it would confidentially share intelligence information with the Supreme Court showing Rohingya links with Pakistan-based armed groups, in a bid to get legal clearance for plans to deport 40,000 Rohingya.

The Supreme Court is hearing an appeal lodged on behalf of Rohingya against the deportation plan proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government.

India’s home ministry submitted an affidavit to the court arguing the hardline stance was justified by the security threat posed by illegal immigrants from the majority-Muslim Rohingya ethnic group, hundreds of thousands of whom have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, from where many have crossed into India.

“The court has no business to interfere in such matters of what they call illegal immigrants or illegal migrants,” the government said in the affidavit.

Additional Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta told the court the government would provide evidence of Rohingya links with “extremist groups” and illegal transfers of money at the next hearing.

The lawyer representing the Rohingya denounced the move.
WATCH: India court to hear petition challenging Rohingya refugees’ deportation

“This is clearly a case of religious discrimination and an attempt to arouse an anti-Muslim feeling,” Prashant Bhushan said.

The ministry said the influx of large numbers of Rohingya into India began four to five years ago, long before an exodus that saw more than 400,000 Rohingya flee to Bangladesh since August 25 to escape a Myanmar military offensive that the United Nations has called “ethnic cleansing”.

Image result for India court to hear petition challenging Rohingya refugees' deportation

[Delhi: India’s Supreme Court Krishnadas Rajagopal]

The affidavit went on to say the government had reports from security agencies and other credible sources “indicating linkages of some of the unauthorised Rohingya immigrants with Pakistan-based terror organisations and similar organisations operating in other countries”.

It also said there was information on Rohingya involvement in plots by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) and other “extremist groups” to ignite communal and sectarian violence in India.

Senior home ministry official Mukesh Mittal said the Indian government would privately show the court material gathered from “sensitive investigations” to substantiate the claims in its affidavit.

Bhushan will file a rejoinder to the government’s affidavit, his office told Reuters news agency.

The court will next hear the matter on October 3.

Meanwhile, police said on Monday they had arrested a suspected member of al-Qaeda who they believed was trying to recruit Rohingya living in India to fight security forces in Myanmar.

Senior police officer Pramod Kushwaha said British national Shauman Haq, 27, was arrested near a bus stop in New Delhi on Sunday. He had come to India via Bangladesh.

Rohingya in India voiced worries that they were being unfairly tainted by the allegations and sought more understanding for their plight.

“We feel helpless and hopeless,” said Rohingya youth leader Ali Johar, who came to India in 2012 and lives with his family in a Delhi settlement.

“The world’s largest democracy has given us shelter, but they should handle this situation more empathetically.”

Modi’s government has been criticised by activists for not speaking out against Myanmar’s recent military offensive against Rohingya fighters, and right-wing groups in India have begun vilifying Rohingya living there.

The Rohingya are denied citizenship in Buddhist-majority Myanmar and regarded as illegal immigrants, despite claiming roots that date back centuries. More than 800,000 Rohingya currently live in Bangladesh.

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 Bangladesh PM doesn’t want the Rohingya back to their native land:


Rohingya hacking Buddhist children to death, unprovoked.

Image result for Rohingya rapes in burma

It’s the common rapes and murders of locals by Rohingya extremist that has ignited wars between the natives and their Bangla muslim occupiers. On May 28 2012, the three muslims men attacked, raped, tortured and murdered by decapitation a young lady named Ma Theeda Htwe from Thapraychaung Village in Rambree Township, Rakhine  State. She was on her way back from work passing the rice fields in the evening while the three premeditated men were awaiting for her return. According to the eye-witnesses, her dead body had a slice at the throat, several stabs on the chest, and stabs and cuts on the vagina and pubic region.

Villagers in Rakhine are attacked not for being armed or aggressive, but because they are ‘infidels’ and their country is the legal possession of the muslims the Rohingya claim.

Small Buddhist children with heads cut open with machettes from Rohingya violence in occupied Rakhine is not uncommon. This violence has been fueling since the Rohingya began pouring into the country after the successful Palestinian jihad occupation in Israel, which resulted in Jordan, encouraged Muslims to demand territory in India and beyond, resulting in the formation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Unarmed Buddhist monks was burned to death by a mob of Muslim Rohingya Bengali terrorists in 2011.

In 2012 Muslim Rohingya issued death threats to native Buddhists and set their homes on fire in arson attacks in Maungdaw, Rakhine State. In the past 13 years, over 3,500 ethnic villages have been destroyed in Burma. There is a war between the Myanmar military and the Rohingya Chittagong terrorists.

Many unarmd civilian farmers were attacked and killed by muslim mobs.

Muslim mobs ran rampant through the region attacking shop owners, children, women while screaming Allahu-Akhbar in Maungdaw, Rakhine State.

Buddhist villagers had to leave their homes and flee for shelter. The total number of Rakhine people in one of the rescue camps in Maungdaw Twonship was 400 persons in 9 June 2012 afternoon. Although some Rohingya mobs gave up their plan to intrude Sittway Township and returned homes at 6 pm, some of them burned down Rakhinese houses in Mingan Ward of the town. Myanmar navy boats have been patrolling along the country’s maritime territory starting from the morning, according to the report of State media. In Yangon, about 300 Rakhine [local Buddhist] people circled around the Shwedagon Pagoda clockwise on the platform of the pagoda by carrying placards written ‘Save Arakan’ and ‘Protect all nationalities’. After worshiping the pagoda, they shared merits to the dead in riots by keeping silent for five minutes. [ref: Eleven news, Myanmar]

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