Syria: No Place For Fat, Devout & Stupid Boys

No virgins for this mob.

Taha, Hamza, Bilal, Omar and their mother

Taha, Hamza, Bilal, Omar and their mother


Flashback to 2014: “Two of the four Western Sydney brothers attempting to join the Islamic State death cult have been described as ‘obese’, ‘unfit’ and unlikely to complete the group’s terrorist training.”

At the time, Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi told the Daily Telegraph: “They’re definitely not fit to fight, they don’t have any knowledge of how to fight.”

He was right:

It was one of the most astonishing stories of suburban jihad: four brothers, devout Muslims, decamp en masse to the Islamic State, leaving their devastated parents grappling for answers.

Now a family friend says at least three are believed to be dead, and the fourth is un­accounted for …

In November 2014 Taha, Hamza, Bilal and Omar told their parents they had won an all-expenses-paid holiday to Thailand.

It seems the four boys, aged between 17 and 28, had fallen under the spell of an Islamic State recruiter …

The boys flew to Thailand, then to Turkey. ­Attempts were made to stop them but a text message from one of the brothers to his sister made it clear they were too late. “We made it to Bilad al-Sham, we will see you in paradise,” it said.

They’ll be in the paradise mall food court, along with their fellow dead jihadis:

The Elbafs are believed to be among the 80-odd Australians killed in Syria.

Across Australia there are ­dozens of families with near identical stories.

At least 200 Australians have travelled to Syria, most to fight with Islamic State.

Remember the debate about how to deal with these people when they returned? Not much of a problem, really.

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