BBC: “Donald Trump has retweeted three inflammatory videos from a British far-right group”



So condemns for RTing videos of extreme Muslim violence but says nothing of the violence itself Speaks volumes

Anne Marie Waters:
Once again the BBC wheels out the Muslim Council of Britain to condemn a Trump retweet. The MCB, for starters, has a deputy secretary general who believes women should be stoned to death. This is who they deem appropriate to condemn Donald Trump.

James Clapper: Trump’s sharing videos claiming to show Muslims assaulting non-Muslims is “disturbing”

Clueless Clapper is very …. disturbed. Reminder: this Obama lackey called the MuBros “largely secular”.  Clapper blocking the investigation into and her emails is disturbing. Clapper can’t open his mouth, even under oath, without lying. So much for intelligence. Clapper is a Deep State swamp creature that glows in the dark.

Donald Trump has come under fire for retweeting “violent messages” posted by Jayda Fransen,  deputy leader of Britain First.

The graphic tweets include video footage captioned “Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!”

A second tweet was captioned “Muslim destroys statue of Virgin Mary”, while a third read “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches”.

The original tweets come from the deputy leader of Britain First, Jayda Fransen, who was arrested last week over a speech she made in Belfast in the summer.

The Muslim Council for Britain called on the UK government to “distance” itself from the comments.

“This is the clearest endorsement yet from the US president of the far-right and their vile anti-Muslim propaganda,” a spokeswoman said.

OMG: Piers Morgan,the UK’s first & foremost limp dick  pretends to be our moral guardian:

Endorsing a bunch of Muslim-hating fascists is the very WORST thing Trump has done as President and, unless he apologizes, makes him a racist and Islamophobe too

None of these videos has been independently verified.

All of them might be faked, spliced, photo-shopped – who the hell knows? Stuff like this flies around the internet all day every day and much of it cannot be trusted.

No. Jayda Fransen is a patriot. Piers Morgan is nothing but a limp dick who throws dumb words around. Like “racist” & “Islamophobic”. How much are Arab Muslims paying him for his treason?


ICYMI: “British newspapers accused of publishing ‘consistent stream’ of inaccurate stories about Muslims” 

Inaccurate stories? Really?  This has come form the MCB who’s founder is a war criminal. Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, is a convicted war criminal for the killing Bengali intellectuals in collaboration with Pakistan army at the time of Bangladesh liberation war.

Burger van owner convicted of public order offence after making ‘anti-Islam comments’
A 73-year-old burger van owner has been convicted of committing a public committing a public order offence after making anti-Islam comments to a customer.
Jim Gardiner was accused of making a number of remarks that could be interpreted as ‘hate speech’ as a racially aggravated public order offence….

Only 4 out of 2,429 refugees are fully employed in Dutch city of Rotterdam

Since 2015 the Dutch city of Rotterdam has had 2,429 refugees allocated to it. Today it can be revealed that 95 per cent of them are living on benefits ….

BOLT: Surely part of the ABC’s duty is to remind us of what unites us; why is it acting like Australia Day is too ghastly to celebrate? 

Liberal Professor Slams New York’s New School For Including ‘Hatemonger’ Linda Sarsour on Antisemitism PanelSarsour

TEL AVIV – A self-proclaimed liberal professor at New York’s New School slammed the college over its decision to hold a panel including virulent anti-Israel activist and “hatemonger” Linda Sarsour on Tuesday night in an event on antisemitism.

“I feel betrayed that Tuesday, the Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism program is sponsoring a panel entitled ‘Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Justice’ featuring the hatemonger Linda Sarsour,” Prof. Susan Shapiro, who is a human rights activist, wrote in the New York Daily News.

“Sarsour is the left-wing’s new hijab heroine, a Brooklyn-born Palestinian activist who has tweeted ‘nothing is creepier than Zionism,’ and shared a podium praising her friends Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (a virulent anti-Semite) and Rasmea Odeh, a terrorist who spent 10 years in jail for abetting the killing of two Hebrew University students in 1969,” Shapiro added.

“Imagine what would happen if I tweeted ‘Nothing is creepier than Palestinians,’ proclaimed ‘gays can’t be feminists,’ appeared alongside the KKK’s David Duke and publicly boycotted everything Arab-owned or run,” Shapiro continued. “My bosses and colleagues would call me a racist and I’d probably be fired.”


Linda Sarsour-– looking for a safe space

This isn’t the first time that he’s used the social media platform to spread anti-Muslim rhetoric—and Twitter needs to stop pretending that Trump’s hate speech doesn’t have consequences.

Tell Twitter to shut him down. We are exhausted. He’s a dangerous man. We need you to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. #TrumpsHateTweets

Twitter is enabling Trump’s anti-Muslim hate speech
It’s time for the platform to make a choice: continue to enable Trump’s encouragement of anti-Muslim violence, or be a platform where everyone can feel safe—regardless of their religion or where they come from.

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  1. James Clapper: Trump’s sharing videos claiming to show Muslims assaulting non-Muslims is “disturbing”

    But only to …
    • islamophiles … who are assisting the islam invasion
    • islams … the invaders

    The rest of us are buying guns !
    • (because treason by islamophiles is treason)
    • (because invasion by islams is invasion)
    • (because self-defense defeats cowardly islam(ophile(s)) )

    For eg …
    The Islamophile Traitor & Cutural Marxist PC’d Princess Bleh who is butt plugged by muhammad (aka “allah“) and is called – Piers Morgan.

      1. I’m just being the American raised privileged by jumping in to speak my mind, not quite formally invited; but, always understood invited with the obvious but overlooked, solution to?
        Oh, you know. Let me gather all my political party friends and foes, take a breath and touch my toes. Ok , here it goes.
        Dear all concerned,
        Could you please define your terms?
        If men and women coexisted, and liked it, would that threaten any that live human in the world? If it would , if it does, how and why?
        There are those doing to girls what is done to boys. Circumstances? None that excuse the forced will of grown adults, children , women, boys, girls, should keep the parts they were gifted by GOD. If, determined by any not me, that parts should go shaved , cut, removed, why is it not given to task to wait until when the individual stands to be the one less part of ones whole,is able to give permission.
        It is my naieve understanding that God told Adam to keep Eve busy and protect her from the devil. Not for Adams to become Eve’s devil.
        And Eve needs Adam to keep her busy because God made her social, as Adams partner. Adam will be missed if he stays away.
        Eve’s are not giving him much reason to do his part, and Adam is falling apart.
        Maybe we should start to cut off more of each other. Or? Maybe , we can stop the blame, the shame, the hate game.
        There , I said it. Forget the messenger but not the message, after you read it.
        God first.

    1. ‘Yeah,’
      tweeted its editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson, (of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars)
      ‘someone may want to tell whoever is running Trump’s Twitter account this morning that retweeting Britain First is not great optics.’ ” [sic]

      … Um !
      … Ah !!
      … Yes it is !!

      (???) Paul Joseph Watson …
      • Paul Joseph Watson – is known for being really dumb
      … a RationalWiki entry !
      • Paul Joseph Watson “Flip-Flops” Watson
      … another RationalWiki entry !

      … ??? islamophile butt plugged by muhammad (aka “allah“) ???
      … ??? islam butt plugged by muhammad (aka “allah“) ???
      … ??? cultural marxist butt plugged by muhammad (aka “allah“) ???
      … ??? whatever brings in the money ???
      … ??? ??? ???

  2. And Muslims assaulting non-Muslims is not disturbing? Not at all, it is normal behaviour. Get used to it, infidel. Or deal with the problem by getting Islam out of the democratic world before it is too late. Oh. It is too late already.

  3. Defending and endorsing Jayda and Trump while smacking shrill leftopath social justice defenders with the painful truth about islam finally got me banned from Twatter yesterday.

    So I must be doing something right at last LOL!

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