How the hell did they get back in?

Who in the f*kc let them in?

Julie Bishop warns 40 Jihadis back in Australia remain a serious security threat

ACTING Prime Minister Julie Bishop has warned the 40 terrorists who have returned to Australia from Iraq and Syria — many of whom aren’t behind bars — remain a serious ­security threat, as a flood of foreign fighters are returning to the region.

Ms Bishop has revealed there are high-level security concerns the terrorists who have returned from fighting with Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are passing on their deadly skills and recruiting more extremists to terror networks in Australia.

Acting Prime Minister Julie Bishop, at a press conference at Kings Park, Perth yesterday, said she feared returned jihadis would pass on their training to extremists in Australia.

Seriously? She ‘feared returned jihadis would pass on their training to extremists in Australia?’ Then WTF is she doing about it?

“Around 40 people have returned to Australia after travelling to Syria and Iraq and joining groups involved in the conflict and some of these ­returnees remain a significant security concern,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

Foreign fighters inspire and incite terror, pass on skills and can attract more extremists to terror networks.

In other news:

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 “The government is concerned that foreign fighters who have gained fighting experience in the Middle East will return to pass this knowledge on to violent extremists in our region. Foreign fighters inspire and incite terror, pass on skills and can attract more extremists to terror networks.”

The Daily Telegraph revealed in May that extremists returning from fighting in Iraq and Syria were roaming free on Australian streets ­because frustrated authorities did not have enough evidence to put them behind bars.





Only a small number — believed to be as few as two — foreign fighters had been prosecuted out of the 40 ­returning from war zones in the past five years.

The Acting Prime Minister warned Islamic State has been trying to set up a base in the Southern Philippines on Australia’s doorstep.

It brings the dangerous terror tactics of Islamic State much closer to home than the Middle East.

“Evidence has indicated radicalised fighters in the southern Philippines have been inspired by ISIL,” Ms Bishop said.

“Terrorists fighting in Marawi during the past five months have been shown waving ISIL banners and declaring allegiance to ISIL.

Bombed-out buildings inside what was the main battle area between government troops and IS-inspired Muslim militants in Marawi

“One of the insurgent leaders, Hapilon Isnilon who was recently killed in Marawi, was a self-styled Emir of a hoped-for ISIL caliphate in Mindanao.”

Intelligence-sharing about terrorists will now begin with Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, to try make sure any returning foreign fighters are detained, Ms Bishop said.

“Foreign fighters also pose a threat to Australians travelling overseas who can potentially be caught up in ISIL-inspired or directed ­attacks,” she said.

“Had a caliphate been established, ISIL would presumably have had increased capacity to target other countries in the ­region including Australia. This is why Australia is working with the Philippines government to defeat the insurgents in Marawi and ensure our own safety and security.”

There have been about 220 Australians joining the bloody conflict in Syria or Iraq since 2012.

Between 68 and 85 have been killed during the fighting.

Ms Bishop said the new control orders for people as young as 14 would help authorities to deal with returning fighters.


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    Who let the islams back in !!!

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