UK: “Islamophobia” is worse than mass-murder

 Disbelief is worse than killing.Quran (2:191-193)

Desperately looking for real, invented & imaginary ‘hate-crimes’ & hijab-tuggery to make believe dislike for Islam is worse than mass-rape and mass-murder of infidels:

The UK government’s programme to de-radicalise jihadis focusses too much on Muslims, says the pro-Islam “think tank” that invented the phoney word “Islamophobia” in the 1990s as a censorship tool. Okey dokey. (Pat Condell)
Anti-Terror Strategy Condemned For ‘Discriminatory And Counter-Productive’ Focus On Muslims
See what I mean ? When they are depicted as “victims” only then are they no longer “Asians”– according to the insufferable PuffHo:
A major report on Islamophobia calls for an inquiry.
In other news:

Council Cracks Down on ‘Islamophobia’ After Parents Withdraw Children from School Mosque Trips

It is utterly disgusting that schools are forcing children to go to mosques when thousands of kids are still being groomed and raped by Muslim men who go to those same mosques. Utterly disgusting. We should be warning these kids not sending them to fucking mosques

When is this rabid proselytizing for Islam in the public schools going to stop?—PAMELAGELLER.COM
Celebrating Homosexual Depravity

This is not about love: its about perversion and lust. Just like homo “PRIDE” parades. Just orgies in the streets! Perverts unleashed:

Australians have turned out en masse to celebrate the results of the nationwide survey on legislating same sex marriage.

Let me ask you something: now, in hindsight, 30+ years after homosexual behaviour has been legalised and now that homo ‘marriage’ is being rammed down our throats, do you still think it was a good idea to legalise it then and what benefit, on a whole, did our society gain out of it?

In other news:

There’s something deeply unnerving about a former extremist, , putting an ex-Muslim, , on the naughty step for arguing that those who are anti-Islam shouldn’t be compared to Salafis.

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  1. I’ve had folks shaming me for swearing and told me that they’d pray for me… but when I asked them to pray for my converted sister instead, they said, “It’s not my business and at least she’s happy!”


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