In the wake of the NYC subway jihad bombing, “Muslim Americans are bracing for backlash”

Rinse and repeat:

Again we see it: for the establishment media, Muslims are always the primary victims of Islamic jihad massacres and attempted massacres. Imagine the hysterics and histrionics had Muslims actually been the victims of this jihad attack or any other. In reality, “anti-Muslim backlash” rarely, if ever, materializes. The establishment media’s constant attention to it is an obvious attempt to divert attention away from the reality of jihad terror.

Former UK Intel Official Says 23,000 Jihadists Living in Britain Is Probably ‘the Tip of the Iceberg’

Actually, its much worse:

35,000 jihadists now present in the UK, almost two full World War II divisions

The United Kingdom, much like the rest of Western Europe, now faces an armed revolt.

But at least they got diversity! Theresa May’s greatest achievement is to keep greasy Islamophobes out, like Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller. Feel better now?

Colonel Richard Kemp is a former senior UK intelligence official and former chairman of the Cobra Intelligence Group who briefed the British government on secret intelligence.

Speaking with BBC Newsnight this week, Kemp said that the 23,000 jihadists MI5 officials have publicly admitted are living in the UK “may be the tip of the iceberg”:

CNN vs Fox News after a member of ISIS tried to suicide bomb New York City Monday morning.

These people are insane.

Canadian ISIS Leader in Bangladesh Told Jihadists to Exploit ‘Security Gaps and Holes’ to ‘Ambush Crusaders’

The Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka was targeted on July 1, 2016, as “a sinister place where the Crusaders would gather to drink alcohol and commit vices throughout the night, feeling secure from the wrath of Allah that was awaiting them,” Chowdhury wrote.

“The mujahidin will continue discovering ‘security gaps and holes’ and lay in ambush for the Crusaders wherever they can be found,” he added. “The mujahidin will target expats, tourists, diplomats, garment buyers, missionaries, sports teams, and anyone else from the Crusader citizens to be found in Bengal until the land is purified from the Crusaders and all other kuffar [disbelievers] and the law of Allah is established in the land.”

Terror in Ramallah

Earlier today, near Ramallah, a Red Crescent ambulance transported Palestinian rioters to a violent protest against IDF soldiers. This is an unacceptable and dangerous violation of the trust placed in medical organizations.  Dec 11

Ryan Mauro on the statement made by the family of the Port Authority terror suspect: “When a member of your family… goes out and tries to commit a terrorist attack, you apologize, you cooperate with the authorities. You don’t bash the police.”

Brother of Port Authority bombing suspect worships at infamous sheik’s mosque

The brother of Port Authority bombing suspect Akayed Ullah worships at the same mosque where infamous blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman once preached, law enforcement sources told The Post on Monday.

Ullah’s brother Ahsan attends Mas Jid al-Salam mosque in Jersey City, where the radical cleric Abdel-Rahman used to spew hate.

No Surprise… NYC ‘ISIS’ Bomber Entered U.S. From Bangladesh, Under Obama
Former NYD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton appeared on MSNBC, where he revealed that his sources told him the NYC bomber was inspired by ISIS, not al Qaeda…. (I guess that makes all the difference….)
ISIS has just responded to Trumps decision to recognise Jerusalem, saying “Jews and worshippers of the cross, we swear to break your necks and shed your blood”.
Jerusalem was, is and will always remain the capital of Israel – Offended Muslims can riot as much as they want
Muslims who call themselves Palestinians carry out terror attacks “in the name of Allah” not in the name of “Palestine”. It has nothing to do with Trump,…


2 thoughts on “In the wake of the NYC subway jihad bombing, “Muslim Americans are bracing for backlash””

  1. How does the meme go? ‘Muslims living in the West are today bracing themselves for the backlash against tomorrow’s Terrorist attack …’ um … ‘by a lone wolf, nothing-to-do-with- Islam radicalised moderate … and it’s all the West’s fault anyway.’ …

  2. At Last …
    UK’s defence secretary Gavin Williamson sounding SANE …
    Now Act On This Sanity …
    His colleague Rory Stewart MP said a few months back that there’s only one way to deal with all British jihadists who take up arms against the Crown, that is by hunting them down as military targets.” [sic]

    And (all) the British jihadists marked as Military Targets …
    Must include the “islamophile” traitors who include among their ranks
    … politicians bureaucrats (w)academics and the PC’d dolts who demonstrate (eg. Traitors in support of the islam invasion).
    • After all – these “islamophiles” are the ones who aided and are aiding – who abetted and are abetting the islam invasion of the West
    … to the detriment of the Western civilisation and its citizens !!!

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