Let’s call terrorism what it is

 “Diversity” is not strength. Unity is strength. The import of Mohammedan savages has a devastating effect on  our society.
 Miranda Devine almost gets the jihad threat, but still keeps making apologies for our Mohammedan invaders.  A lot more truthiness is needed to force the hand of our ‘authorities’ to take the right action.

Flinders Street accused charged with attempted murder

They come here as refugees, get housing and welfare and better standard of living than they could ever dream of in their rathole countries, yet they hate us and blame us rather than going home and fighting for their country to make it better. We keep importing terrorists and criminals and our police  call their jihad mental illness. This needs to stop. Our politicians must be held personally accountable…

SAEED Noori was already 18 in 2004, when the war in ­Afghanistan between NATO troops and the Taliban was escalating.

But instead of fighting in his country, he fled to Australia along with his brothers, sister and parents.

The Noori family had hit the jackpot as refugees in the world’s most generous ­per-capita resettlement pro­gram, with free healthcare, education, income support and housing in suburban ­Melbourne.

As Noori made his home in our peaceful country, young Australians were dying in his country, trying to liberate it from the Taliban he had ­escaped.

In 2007, when Noori was 21 and had gained full citizenship, three Australian soldiers were killed in Oruzgan province: Private Luke Worsley, 26, SASR Sergeant Matthew Locke, 33, and Trooper David Pearce, 41.

Police allege that last week Saeed Noori repaid Australia’s kindness by driving an SUV into pedestrians at a busy intersection on Melbourne’s Flinders St, hospitalising 19 people, aged from four to 83.

A man lays flowers at the scene of last week’s Flinders St rampage. (Pic: Alex Coppel)

Yesterday he was charged with 18 counts of attempted murder and one count of conduct endangering life.

Thanks to the rancid political correctness of the Victorian Premier and his police chiefs, we have been engaged ever since in an unsavoury semantic argument about whether or not this amounted to an act of terrorism.

Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton initially ruled out terrorism and raised the mental illness and alleged drug use of the suspect in custody last week.

In doing so he appeared to ignore the religious ideology which is the primary motivation of similar vehicle attacks around the world. Here we had a suspect who fit the profile of similar vehicle terrorist attacks in Nice, Jerusalem, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, New York.

He’s Muslim, and a refugee. And he allegedly told police the attack was in retaliation for the “mistreatment of Muslims”, and cited “Allah” and ASIO.

Obviously the majority of Muslims in Australia are not terrorists, but the majority of terrorists are Muslims.

This is gibberish. Under islamic law, every Mohammedan is a soldier of allah. Every able bodied man, woman & child must participate in jihad to make the world islamic. Under Mohammedan law, every believer must be a terrorist.

Equally, the majority of refugees are not terrorists but the majority of terrorist ­attacks carried out in Australia have been by refugees, ­despite what ASIO boss Duncan Lewis told a Senate committee in May.

More of the same apologetic claptrap.

For instance Iranian Man Haron Monis at the Lindt cafe was a refugee, as was Afghan Numan Haider, 18, who stabbed two police officers in Melbourne in the name of ­Islamic State, as was Iranian Farhad Jabar, 15, who murdered police accountant Curtis Cheng in Parramatta in 2015.

Also refugees were two of the men convicted over the Holsworthy Barracks terror plot in 2009 — Saney Aweys and Nayef El Sayed — and ­Islamic State boss Mohammad Ali Baryalei, accused of conspiring to kidnap and ­behead a random Australian.

Accused Flinders Street rampage driver Saeed Noori leaves Melbourne West Police Station after being released from hospital. (Pic: Mark Stewart)

Without commenting on the current case, Sydney psychiatrist and Bangladeshi-born Tanveer Ahmed said: “A minority from refugee backgrounds are more prone to committing (terrorist) acts … because they are more likely to acquire resentment given they will often lack skills, or have histories of trauma.

Gobbledeegook from a Mohammedan shrink who makes excuses for the jihad of his coreligionists, until he himself partakes in it.

“Terrorism is an act of personal resentment that is then conflated with the political ideology of resentment that is Islamism.

There is no “islamism”, there is only Islam. It doesn’t need resentment to be activated, the hatred is the mental baggage that every Mohammedan carries inside his head.

Those that are ­likely to latch on to such ideas are likely to be paranoid themselves and prone to blaming the outside world for their problems, known in psychological terms as projection. They are also more likely to express their frustrations and failures through … violence.”

Read what I wrote above.  Ahmed’s apologetics suck.

Ahmed also points out the obvious: that terrorism “does not need to be coherent, well-organised and with clear links to organised groups like ISIS to be categorised as an act of terrorism”.

Its organised within the umma, the 1.5 gazillion believers around the world. The individual doesn’t count.

To be fair to the Victorian police, perhaps at the time that Patton gave his press conference on Thursday there was not enough evidence to meet a legal definition of terrorism. But authorities need to find a form of words which passes the pub test, because what happened last week in Flinders St is what in normal language is understood to be a terrorist attack.

The police sucks, we know that.

To say otherwise makes them look as though they are not disclosing everything to the public and that, in itself, creates a climate ripe for conspiracy theories, public distrust and social unrest.

We have one of the world’s most successful immigrant countries. That only works because ordinary Australians make individual decisions to fit in and get on with each other. This goes against the normal experience of humankind through history, in which homogenous societies are the most harmonious.

 You can integrate much of humanity, but you can’t integrate Islam that seeks to destroy and replace us.

In other words, we are strong despite our diversity, not because of it, and that is a huge achievement.

Enough preachy BS already. Diversity divides, unity unites. 

But if there emerges a feeling that immigration is posing a danger or destroying our ­social fabric, and that authorities are hiding the truth ­behind political correctness, then our harmony frays, and suddenly diversity is not a strength but a weakness.

Its not “immigration” that threatens us, its Islam.

It is time for honesty about the source of the terrorist threat in this country, and the make-up of our refugee intake. There are plenty of Christian and Yazidi refugees in the world to help, without offering to share our home with people who want to kill us.

At last some truthiness in the last paragraph.

Its a joke, yes. But this would work a lot better than a bunch of shrinks.

8 thoughts on “Let’s call terrorism what it is”

  1. Strip him of citizenship and send him back to Afghanistan. Bar any more Muslims from entering the country.

    1. Agree.

      And every one of us who does agree must find the time to write to the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister in charge of Immigration, and the Police Minister! – and also to our MPs, whoever they are, of whatever party, and state – citing this and the by-now-numerous similar cases of Muslim immigrants and Muslim ‘refugees’, or descendants of same, biting the Infidel hand that fed them, to demand a total cessation of all mohammedan entry to this country; AND a cessation of all flow of Muslim *money* into the country (we’re all worrying and rightly about the way authoritarian, despotic, infinitely-corrupt communist China is using economic leverage in academia and among emigres and students and by buying-up land and utilities etc… but it’s about time we *also* started looking into the way in which the wealthier OIC countries are doing *exactly the same* and probably on a much bigger scale, and have been doing it for *longer*).

  2. In my opinion, ALL Muslims have a MENTAL ILLNESS, simply because of what they believe – namely, that the WHOLE WORLD must be converted to Islam. This country does not need them!

  3. A lot more truthiness is needed to force the hand of our ‘authorities’ to take the right action.

    But our “authorities” …
    • are guilty of Treason !
    • are guilty of aiding and abetting the islam invasion !
    • are guilty of each and every crime committed by the criminals they allow in and allow to remain in Australia !
    … as if they had slit the throats themselves !
    (so they are even murderers)

    1. 1. Incarcerate (eg. a Pacific Island solution, Guantanamo Bay) the islamophiles (aka cultural marxists & the pc’d dumbos) !
      2. Purge the islams from Australia !
      3. Purge the criminal African tribals from Australia !

      All are legitimate military targets
      … islamophile politicians aiding and abetting islam invaders
      … islamophile bureacrats aiding and abetting islam invaders
      … islamophile (w)academics aiding and abetting islam invaders
      … islamophile pc’d dolts aiding and abetting islam invaders
      … invading islams
      criminal African tribals committing diversity !

  4. Went into the city the other day and it looked like a warzone; bollards, semi trailers blocking
    would-be mental illness vehicular attacks. It’s pretty clear we are in a state of war. And it seems we are not winning.
    Is it possible the Melbourne police did not investigate the religious angle of their “mentally ill drug addicted” Afghan refugee?
    If they didn’t, we are finished and it will happen a lot sooner than I expected.

  5. write to the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister in charge of Immigration, and the Police Minister! – and also to our MPs, whoever they are, of whatever party … ” [sic]

    Ourauthorities” know what they are doing …
    WOFTAM …
    Why write to The Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister in charge of Immigration, and the Police Minister – and also to our MPs
    … These Are The Very “authorities” who cause the islam and criminal African tribal problem in the first place
    … they imported the problem
    … they retain the problem
    … they increase the problem with more imports

    Ourauthorities” …
    • are guilty of Treason Sedition topped with subversion !
    • are guilty of aiding and abetting the islam invasion !
    • are guilty of each and every crime committed by the criminals they allow in and allow to remain in Australia !
    … as if they had slit the throats themselves.
    … so Ourauthorities” are even murderers.
    • are guilty of importing “diversity” (kill whitey) – the criminal African tribals who are here to kill whitey !
    … and notice these imported criminal African tribals are starting to obey NOW !
    … in all major Australian Cities this is NOW happening.
    … so (again) Ourauthorities” are even murderers.

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