Manus Island Rapefugees Have Acute Mental Health Problems

Translation: they are dangerous lunatics who must be kept out at any cost.

Single men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar expected to be resettled in the United States next year “have acute mental health problems,” according to a New York Times report, after President Trump failed to end a refugee deal with Australia that he committed to opposing. – Breitbart

Former President Obama signed the Australian-U.S. refugee deal during his last months in office — promising to take 1,250 Middle Eastern refugees off Australia’s hands.

The refugees – who are mostly adult males – were being held in detention centers on Manus Island and Nauru Island in Australia. Despite Trump’s original statement calling the deal “a dumb deal,” the president has now broken two long-promised campaign pledges: Throwing out deals that don’t benefit Americans and stopping the flow of foreign refugees.

Already, about 54 Middle Eastern refugees from the Australian detention centers have been resettled in the U.S., despite allegedly having mental health problems, as Breitbart News reported. Now, an additional 60 to 65 single men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar are expected to arrive next year, the majority of which have mental health problems as well.

These Mohammedans are unassimilable savages. We must not allow our treacherous governments  to settle them among us.

The New York Times reports:

“If the U.S. isn’t going to accept people from certain countries, they should make that crystal clear now so Australia can make alternative arrangements,” said Elaine Pearson, the Australia director for Human Rights Watch. “There’s no time to waste — these refugees have acute mental health problems made worse by years of uncertainty and insecurity on Manus and Nauru.” [Emphasis added]

Breitbart News has covered the refugee deal extensively, exposing the mental health and public safety risk the foreign refugees may become to local American communities.

For instance, as Breitbart News reported, the vetting procedures of the foreign refugees – who are actually illegal aliens in Australia – are potentially a far stretch from the “extreme vetting” for refugees that Trump promised during his presidential campaign.

Among the refugees living in the Australian detention centers where the U.S. is choosing which foreign nationals to resettle are accused rapists and sexual predators.

In January, a refugee from Sri Lanka living in the detention centers raped an 18-year-old high school student multiple times after taking her to a nearby hotel, according to Loop. The girl tried to run away to a relative’s home, but suffered so much blood loss from the brutal rape that she eventually fainted.

In another case in March, law enforcement officials confirmed that a 28-year-old Pakistani from the detention center had been charged with raping a 10-year-old girl, the Guardian reported.

Just a month later, refugees from the detention center were accused of trying to lure a five-year-old boy into the facility, causing an uproar in the local community about the danger the foreign nationals have become to children, as News Corp Australia Network reported.

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  1. And if you think that the Manus and Naru detention center detainees are bad …
    You should see what is already here in Australia …
    (• Recent “black” events in Melbourne’s St Kilda)
    (• and the islams STILL being allowed entry – by air not sea)
    Thanks to our seditious and islamophile “authorities” !

    Think our federal/state/local Parliamentary Representative
    Think aiders and abetters to islam invaders – legitimate Military Targets !
    Think invading islams – legitimate Military Targets !
    Think invading criminal African Tribals – legitimate Military Targets !

  2. ” these refugees have acute mental health problems”

    These alleged mental health problems existed well before they arrived on Manus or Nauru. Being brought up as a muslim guarantees mental illness developing.

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