Muslim boy knows only “Allah & boom”, scares Islamophobic kafirs

Thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

‘Allah’ and ‘boom’

A six-year-old Muslim boy with Down syndrome was feared as a terrorist by his teacher in a US school after he kept repeating ‘Allah’ and ‘boom’ in his classroom, according to media reports. Disgusted by the allegations, Mohammad Suleiman’s father said his son doesn’t speak at all and has the mental capacity of a one- year-old. This is not the first time that a Muslim boy is suspected to be a terrorist indicative of the Islamophobia that still persists in America.

In other news:

Jayda Fransen was a notorious Islamophobe long before Donald Trump retweeted her warnings about Islam.
Deputy leader of Britain First Jayda Fransen makes a speech during a demonstration by Britain First and EDL (English Defence League) in London.

Who Is Jayda Fransen? The Notorious Islamophobe Whose Warnings About Islam Donald Trump Retweeted Britain First’s second in command. (PuffHo)

Christmas Market ‘Bomb’ Scare Evacuation Was Blackmail Plot, Not Terror, Says German Police

Christmas Market Cancelled as over Anti-Terror Barrier Costs

That’s why its called a “no-go zone”, arc/off


3 thoughts on “Muslim boy knows only “Allah & boom”, scares Islamophobic kafirs”

  1. Dolt islamophiles everywhere aid and abet the islam invasion of the Earth !
    … (oblivious to their own mental incapacity)

    islams everywhere expand and intensify their invasion of Earth !

    How to stop this expanding and intensifying criminal islam invasion of the Earth !

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    Purge the islamophiles – Earth Wide ?
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    Self Defence is …THE… viable solution to the criminal islam invasion on Earth !!!

  2. No one actually disputed what was seen in the videos that Trump posted.

    The objection was over his temerity to show the truth that came out of a group, that like the EDL the government want to shut down, because it hit a nerve.

    Rebuttals Trump should use:

    Kriss Donald
    Charlene Downes
    2005 London Bombing
    Operation Trojan Horse in Birmingham
    Any of the Sex Grooming cases
    Manchester 2017 or any of the terrorist events from 2017

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