Australia clearly has a problem with ‘moderate Muslims’

This pattern is not a pattern…

Bernard Gaynor

Last week we heard news of yet another arrest. Yet another planned target. And yet another Islam-inspired terrorist plot.

This time it was Ali Khalif Shire Ali.

He also likes to attend Hizb ut Tahrir conferences.

So did Man Haron Monis, the Lindt Café killer. And so did Farhard Jabar, who shot dead Curtis Cheng outside the Parramatta Police Station. In fact, listening to Hizb ut Tahrir was almost the last thing Jabar ever did:

During his final visit [to the mosque], Farhard Jabar was part of the audience for a lecture given by a speaker associated with notorious extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, according to Seven News.

I think there’s a pattern forming.

And you know who else signed a petition supporting Hizb ut Tahrir? The former Defence imam, Sheikh Mohammadu Nawas Saleem.

And guess what? He’s also an imam at the Werribee Mosque. It’s the same mosque attended by Ali Khalif Shire Ali, as reported by The Australian:

The family prays at the Werribee Islamic Centre in Hoppers Crossing. The imam is the highly respected Sheikh Isse Musse, who preaches a moderate brand of Islam. He renamed his mosque the Virgin Mary Majid to promote harmony between Muslims and Christians.

And I’m not sure I’d call Sheikh Isse Musse ‘respected’ or ‘moderate’ either. He also signed the same petition backing Hizb ut Tahrir as Mohammadu Nawas Saleem.

Australia clearly has a problem with ‘moderates’. So we should expect more Shire Alis. And Man Haron Monises. And Farhard Jabars.

And we should expect, at some point, one of them to infiltrate Defence or the police. That is bound to occur when ‘moderates’ like Mohammadu Nawas Saleem can be appointed to help increase recruitment to the military without anyone raising an eyebrow at all…

Twitter Chatter

Trump retweets 3 inflammatory anti-Muslim videos from British far-right account
Inflammatory? Who is inflamed? Muslims or their leftist enablers?

Retweeted Imam Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace):

Someone who is in bed with Islamic extremists is unhappy that @realDonaldTrump retweeted a video against Islamic extremists. 

Retweeted Anne Marie Waters (@AMDWaters):

Once again the BBC wheels out the Muslim Council of Britain to condemn a Trump retweet. The MCB, for starters, has a deputy secretary general who believes women should be stoned to death. This is who they deem appropriate to condemn Donald Trump. 

Retweeted Anne Marie Waters (@AMDWaters):

Books directly inciting violence and marital rape, thereby advocating criminal offences, are being used in British schools. Nothing will be done. The law means nothing. This is Islamic supremacy.

Retweeted Pat Condell (@patcondell):

If everyone in the #FakeNews hack media could stop foaming at the mouth for a second, I’d like to know: Are the videos #Trump retweeted accurate and true, or are we shooting the messenger again to avoid the issue?

Hundreds of ISIS murderers, torturers, rapists, and child killers walk our streets and Pakistani Muslim rape gangs plague our towns while our police and prosecution service obsess about law-abiding people using nasty words on the internet. Do you smell a rat?

Retweeted Pat Condell (@patcondell):

Yes, keep focussing on #Trump to avoid the issue. Concrete bollards in our public spaces tell us the truth, we’re on a war footing, while our government lets hundreds of ISIS terrorists stroll back into Britain. Only a matter of time before one of them commits mass murder. 

Tommy Robinson: our country is being destroyed by Islam & our leader is banging on about how wrong it is for Donald to be retweeting videos of Muslims being violent .

Anti-Islamisation campaigner Tommy Robinson has slammed British Prime Minister Theresa May for her attack on President Donald Trump after he retweeted a controversial anti-mass migration activist, saying her virtue signalling about the “far right” detracts from the issue of radical Islamic terrorism and Islamism.

Following criticism from the political elite, including from Prime Minister May and left-wing London Mayor Sadiq Khan, after President Trump retweeted a series of videos from Britain First leader Jayda Fransen, anti-Islamisation campaigner Tommy Robinson told Breitbart News Daily host and Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam that he was “embarrassed” by the prime minister’s comments and fears she may have thrown a good Brexit deal with the U.S. under the bus.

Donald J. Trump supporter Ann Coulter stands by her retweet of an anti-Muslim video posted by the deputy leader of Britain First.

You can’t make this shiite up: its all happening right now and here.

Faith Associates and Facebook have partnered up to produce the ‘Keeping Muslims Safe Online’ guide. The official launch will be today at Parliament with MPs, Imams and Students in attendance. #MuslimSafetyGuide


Malmö, Sweden: ‘One dead, multiple shot’ as ‘gunman’ goes on rampage

Could it be that the “gunman” was in fact a Muselman?

ONE man has been shot dead with another in a life-threatening condition after a gunman opened fire in Sweden.

BREAKING: Multiple people shot in Malmö, Sweden, reports of at least one dead.

Armed police swept onto the scene and cordoned off the area as they tried to piece together what happened.

Cops said the fatality is a man aged 20 and did not comment on the identity of the second victim.

It is unclear if the gunman remains at large.

Police arrived to find a car damaged by gunfire abandoned in the street, and have upped police patrols.

Britain’s Hate Speech Police

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Who’s paying Piers Morgan to be a Mohammedan agitprop?

In a a long, lengthy piece blaming Pamela Geller for President Trump’s retweets (thankyouverymuch), the Islamic religious police at the Huffington Post are demanding Twitter remove her accounts:

We know who Britain First is: they are patriots.
But do you know who Piers Morgan is? Piers Morgan was sacked as the editor of the Daily Mirror as the newspaper’s board made an unreserved apology for publishing fake pictures of British troops torturing Iraqi prisoners.
NO LONGER IGNORED: After Trumps retweet, the Establishment can no longer ignore the far-right

“Far-right” is the language of the enemy. We must not allow the far left to dictate the terminology. These people are concerned citizens. Patriots. They are not “far right”

PRESIDENT TRUMP caused an international row today by retweeting three tweets by Britain First’s deputy leader, Jayda Fransen.–POLITICALITE.COM
Jayda Fransen, of south-east London, was the little-known deputy leader of Britain First until inflammatory messages she posted online were picked up by the US President.

Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet):

White, British teen planned terror attack on Justin Bieber concert for “Allah”.

Tell me again about how Islam is a race, idiots.

If you’re angrier over a few retweets than 411 injured and dead victims of Islamic terror in the UK this year alone, you need to take a long look in the mirror.

Muslim Women’s Leader Says Trump Defamed Islam, Calls Tweets ‘Reprehensible’

Holla! Its Daisy… again! The tilt of Abdul Rauf, the healer, the slick imam who wanted to build the Ground Zero mosque. Just goes to show that these creatures are deeply embedded in the system, ready to strike whenever there is resistance to the Islamic expansion program.

The leaders of an Islamic women’s initiative lambasted President Donald Trump Wednesday for retweeting a video of an Islamic extremist destroying…—DAILYCALLER.COM

In other news:

Mosque gives University of Cincinnati $1,000,000 to teach more about Islam
A local mosque is donating $1 million to the University of Cincinnati to increase understanding of the Islamic religion amid concerns about Islamophobia. – Geller Report
Milo Yiannopoulos says Muslims should all be deported from Australia
  • Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos says Muslims should be ‘expelled’
  • Yiannopoulos made the remark to Sydney Muslim businesswoman Emma Eros
  • He told her anyone who identified as Muslim should go back to the Middle East