Sweden: 52 hand grenade attacks in 2016

Sweden plans grenade amnesty as attacks soar

Sweden planning a “grenade amnesty”. When your country needs a “grenade amnesty”, I’m thinking things are not going very well at all.

Splendid idea. I’m sure the jihadists who are sitting on cache’s of hand grenades were just waiting for an amnesty to turn them in.

Many of the explosive devices used by criminals have been smuggled in from the Balkans, experts say

Bombing the Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homeland to establish an Islamic narco-jihad fiefdom made Bill Clinton, also known as slick Willie, a folk hero in those parts. Europe will pay an enormous price for his treason.

In other news:

Christmas market TERROR: ‘NAIL BOMB’ found near Potsdam market as German police swoop

GERMAN police are refusing to rule out a “political motive” after a bomb was discovered at a Christmas Market in Potsdam, near Berlin.

German Army report predicts collapse of EU and entire West alliance by 2040

 It won’t take that long.

THE complete disintegration of the European Union (EU) and the West over the next two decades is a serious proposition, according to a shock internal report drawn up by the German Army.

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