A Swiss youth hostel in the canton of Baselland, wanted to care for three unaccompanied child refugees. The idea was to give them everything they needed for successful integration. The result was disastrous.

In the summer of 2016, the three child refugees were given free youth homes that cost normally on average 300 francs (258 euros) per day, per person. They weren’t even moved into their rooms in fall of 2016, when the trouble started.

To be prepared for winter in Switzerland, the home carers supplied the three young men with winter clothes. But they didn’t like the clothes: “They were disappointed and told us they would rather go shopping at H&M or Dolce & Gabbana,” a care worker said.

‘I’m going to f**k your wife and rape your kids. You weak dog… I’m gonna kill you,’

‘What about my human rights?’ Sudanese youth accused of threatening to rape and murder police calls magistrate a RACIST in court tirade


  • Marial Dar, 20, faced court accused of threatening to kill and rape police
  • He shouted through his court hearing calling the magistrate a racist
  • Vowed to sue for racial discrimination when he was denied bail
  • Dar allegedly walked up to off-duty cop and made threats over an earlier arrest

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