Brother Tariq a “political prisoner?”

Sure, in the queer and twisted world view  of Islam he committed no crime; rape is legitimate under the shari’a. In other words, they reject our laws and want to replace them with theirs.  The next step is to remove us, our culture & civilisation, entirely.

Moslems are Claiming Rapist “Guru” Tariq Ramadan is a Political Prisoner

Tariq Ramadan, the smooth-talking Muslim “guru”, much beloved as a “good Muslim” figure by the MSM, has been charged with “rape” and “rape of a vulnerable person” in France. Unusually, the magistrates denied bail and ordered him to be held in detention while the investigation proceeds. Under French law, this can only be done for the following reasons: “to preserve proof”, “to prevent pressure on witnesses”, “to prevent fraudulent conspiracy”. Basically, then, they are concerned that Ramadan and his acolytes would be able to intimidate witnesses or concoct alibis. Don’t forget that Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and he is still plugged in to that vast international network.

A new fake grassroots group called “Resistance & Alternative” has already sprung up to protest Ramadan’s innocence, calling him a “political prisoner”. Reportedly, however, some of his international sponsors, such as the government of Qatar, are now taking their distance from him, realising the game is up.

Sweden Appoints Paki Headbanger Top Dog of National Heritage Board

And that marks the end of Sweden’s national heritage.

Germany: 34  fake refugees import 130 family members and second wives

A lot of migration data in Germany is kept silent, but sometimes stories do reach the surface.

Figures from northern Germany say 34 refugees brought 130 family members to Germany. That’s almost four times the number of people who applied.