Police eliminated the killer

Police eliminated the killer

While leftists continue wailing about a photograph of someone holding a gun, they don’t have much to say about a certain religious fellow who actually used one:

Five women were shot dead in an apparent Islamist attack on an Orthodox church in Russia’s North Caucasus region of Dagestan on Sunday …

“An unknown man opened fire with a hunting rifle in Kizlyar, fatally wounding four women,” the regional internal affairs ministry said in a statement. A fifth woman died of her injuries in hospital, the health ministry spokeswoman Zalina Mourtazalieva told Tass news agency.

Of course, the usual preliminaries were observed:

“We had finished the mass and were beginning to leave the church. A bearded man ran towards the church shouting Allahu Akbar and killed four people,” Father Pavel told RBK …

Islamist rebels from the region, which lies immediately east of Chechnya, are known to have travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State group.

What Dagestan really needs is more gun control.

UPDATE. Jimmy Barnes is among the triggered:

Hmm. Here’s Jimmy in 1980:

The first thing I do when I get into town

Is buy a .22 and cut the whole thing down …