Hijabbery, Headchoppers & Valentines Day

Bosch Fawstin:

‏ Muslims tell me that if I understood Islam, I wouldn’t oppose it. They’re oblivious to the fact that I oppose it precisely because I understand it. The more I understood it, the more I opposed it. Unlike leftists. The less they know about Islam, the more they defend & promote it.


Islamic Republic of Pakistan bans Valentine’s Day for promoting “nudity and indecency” 


Berlin New Year’s Eve Sex Assault Numbers Three Times Those Previously Reported

New information has revealed that the actual number of sex assault cases that took place over New Year’s Eve was nearly three times the figure previously given out by police.

Macy’s to feature collection for Muslim women, including hijabs

A clothing line to die for: Macy’s to launch line geared toward Muslims, including hijabs

Hundreds of ISIS headchoppers have returned to UK, now living in heavily Muslim infested areas 

ISIL marching

In other news:

Paki leading Swedish national heritage board

Somali in charge of Canada’s immigration

Turk as Commissioner for Immigration in Germany

Colorado: Muslim gets life for killing Denver transit guard who was also a pastor 

Rival militants mock ISIS leaders for ‘fleeing to Turkey and leaving women to defend their honour’ after female jihadis are seen wearing burqas and firing assault rifles on the front line
  • New video show women fighting for ISIS on the front line
  • Female fighters are dressed in black full niqabs and black gloves
  • One is seen firing an assault rifle, and others are driven in a pickup truck
  • Al-Qaeda linked group in Syria mocked video saying ISIS male leaders had fled

ISIS has been mocked by a rival Islamist terror group in Syria after video footage showing female jihadis fighting on the front line emerged.

In the footage, believed to show the first time women ISIS fighters have been seen in active combat, one female fighter wearing a burqa and gloves fires an AK47-style assault rifle from behind an earth rampart alongside a comrade.

Another clip shows several armed women in the back of a white pickup truck with a male fighter at the side of the cab and an ISIS flag in the bed of the vehicle.

A high-ranking member of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, a branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, scornfully mocked the video in comments shared on Twitter, claiming that ISIS leaders had fled Syria and left Western female recruits behind to fight.

Abu Ali at-Tunisi al Idrissi reportedly said: ‘The Da’eshites turned their back defeated, and their leaders are renting the most luxurious houses in Turkey with shaved off beards (in disguise) like women.

‘They left the emigrated women abandoned, fighting, defending their honour… May Allahs curse be on al-Baghdadi and his group.’

Experts say the video, believed to have been filmed in Syria, shows that ISIS are so desperate for fighters they are uncharacteristically using women.

Ran Meir, Arab affairs analyst for the Clarion Project, said it was the first time he had seen ISIS women on the front line.

Terrorist: The woman fighter holds up one finger in the air, a handgesture used by ISIS

Mr Meir said: ‘It was well known while fighting the Kurdish women, ISIS feared them very much because they believed that if you get killed by a woman you won’t get to heaven.

‘Now ISIS is using women because they’re in dire need for fighters.’

The video is thought to be the first footage showing ISIS women fighting on the front line.

Most imagery previously released by the terror group have shown the feared all-female religious police called the Al-Khansaa Brigade.

The brigade, which may still be in operation, was mainly made up of foreign women Jihadists who toured the streets of captured ISIS territories such as Raqqa.

Terrorists: Female members of ISIS have previously been photographed bearing arms, but it has mostly been in promotional images of the all-female police force, the al-Khansaa brigade

They would enforce strict Sharia by handing out beatings to women who violated their religious laws, such as not obeying dress codes or venturing outside on their own without a male relative.

Previously, ISIS has maintained that the role of women under their rule was to serve their husbands and raise the next generation of jihadist fighters – not fight on the frontline.

However, in October 2017, ISIS said jihad had become a duty upon women just as it was on men, a major shift in its position,

This shift suggests that ISIS is desperate for fighters, having already deployed children and disabled men to the battlefronts.

 Its could also be a tactic to win female recruits by showing that ISIS is not a group that keeps its women locked inside.

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