Is Sweden ready to submit to Islam?

‘Muslims in Sweden have applied for permission to broadcast the call to prayer, claiming the move would boost community self-esteem and assist with integration.’

(That means integrating Swedes into Islam.)

‘We Are Not Visitors’: Muslims in Sweden Demand Mosque Call to Prayer

‘We Are Not Visitors’: Muslims in Sweden Demand Mosque Call to Prayer

Wonder if the good Bishop realizes that the Pact of Umar – how Muslims treat conquered Christians & Jews – forbids the ringing of church bells or blowing of the shofar?

Sweden: Bishop wants to hear both church bells AND Islamic muezzin call to prayer.

The Western clergy’s ignorance about Islam is both tragic and astounding. How can anybody be THAT blind? It frankly boggles the mind.

Bishop Fredrik Modéus writes on Facebook that it is “natural” that “different traditions and religions are heard” and that he “hopes to hear both church bells and prayer calls in our city.”

And maybe he will, for awhile. But once the Muslims of whom he is so solicitous are in charge, he won’t be hearing the church bells anymore. In Islamic law: dhimmis are “forbidden to openly display wine or pork…to ring church bells or display crosses…recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays” (Reliance of the Traveller, o11.5(6)). (source)

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3 thoughts on “Is Sweden ready to submit to Islam?”

  1. The world’s definition of “Christian” is way too loose. So-called Christians who are allied to Islam are denying their own faith. The bible says that light cannot have fellowship with darkness. Islam is as dark as it gets. I call the religious form “Christianism”. It’s only an outward show and there is no reality in it. The Pope and other “Christians” who support Islam make themselves to be God’s enemies.

  2. Any country that does not protect it’s women and children against filthy rapist’s and allow the invaders to change their once beautiful culture will reap what they sew, Sweden is known as the rape capitol of Europe ,nothing to be proud of,so shameful it has been reported Sweden is allowing the child brides of these uncouth barbarians into the country and all that implies,Sweden is islamized.

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