Malaysia, Dogs & Islam

Robert Spencer:

It seems as if authorities the world over, with very few exceptions, have determined that this is the one group to whom everyone must kowtow. And that is because some of them have a disturbing tendency to react to being “offended” by murdering people. In the fifth grade, everyone was told that the way to get rid of a bully was not to give in to him, but to stand up to him. Those days are gone now. Everyone agrees that all people must give in to these bullies.

Malaysia’s dreadful Muslim problem:

Year of the Dog images REMOVED in Malaysia as it’s deemed too offensive to Muslims

BUSINESSES marking the coming Chinese Year of the Dog in Malaysia have stopped displaying images of canines on their decorations and souvenirs over fears it will upset Muslims who live in the country and consider the animals unclean.

Many Muslims consider dogs to be uncleanMany Muslims consider dogs to be unclean

The country has a large Chinese population who are preparing to welcome in the new year.But some shopping malls have decided not to have images of dogs, sparking an online backlash, CNN reported.

Malaysia has a growing Islamic population, with many Muslims observing the practise of ritually washing themselves if they come into contact with a dog.

One shopkeeper at the Sunway Pyramid near Kuala Lumpur said: “This is a multiracial country, when they do something like that it shows disrespect to the Chinese race here.

“If this is the case they should just make this only an Islamic country, but we have Buddhists, Hindus and other religions as well here.”Another shopping mall in the popular Kuala Lumpur tourist area of Bukit Bintang did not depict dogs in its decorations ahead of the new year, focusing instead on the 10th anniversary theme of the centre, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Director of Marketing Kung Suan Ai said religious and cultural sensitivities were a determining factor in decorations.

She said: “One of the considerations we take in when we work on decoration concepts for Pavilion KL is to create something highly experiential and also to be socially accepting for all.”

But Chinese Malaysian Wong Wei-Shen, who has several dogs as pets, said businesses were being “ridiculous”.

He said: “It’s a shame because Malaysia is a multicultural country. To dismiss the fact that the Chinese have a dog as one of the zodiac animals is unfair.

“Every zodiac animal has its good attributes, and the dog represents a guide, a best friend, a comforter and loyal friend.”

Twelve animals, including a dog and a pig, another animal Muslims consider as unclean, make up the traditional Chinese zodiac.

Multicultural Malaysia has seen an increasing intolerance towards activities considered insulting to Islam, reflected in protests in recent years of beer festivals and concerts.While Muslim Malays are the biggest ethnic group among Malaysia’s 32 million people, Chinese make up the second-biggest group with 23 percent of the population.

Malaysian Muslim leaders have been vocal about events that involve dogs before.

After the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Glasgow, when athletes paraded with a Scottish terrier donning their country’s name, local politicians aired their disproval, calling the stunt “disrespectful”.

In 2016, religious authorities asked popular pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s to change the name of its “Pretzel Dog” to “Pretzel Sausage”.

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  1. Dar al-Harb Malaysians should get their hands on some that genetic editing tech like crispr/cas9 available online. Upload some genetic mods into those dogs and make them glow in the dark, howl Koranic chants and do their doodoos in the Mosque precincts. This is a job for the Malaysian teen-age geeks who are playing with bio-tech at home in the garage. They could probably make halal pigs.

  2. Re: “It seems as if authorities the world over, with very few exceptions, have determined that this is the one group to whom everyone must kowtow.”

    That’s simply because

    It is not only possible for a psychopath to create another one, it’s done all the time, and has resulted in 1.5 billion of them under islam, with allah only knows how many non-muslim Leftopaths in the West to aid them!

    From here:

    Governments still fund 50% of “higher education!” and it’s because both corporations and governments WANT people to be psychopaths – people who are always instinctively willing to compromise and Submit to Authority, who can be guaranteed to always want to go along to get along, and who will never, ever, challenge the status quo by attempting to actually solve any real problems, or accuse any real criminals of their crimes, that’s why!

    See much more, here and:

    While some (like Vicki) might say “Psychopaths are not much for submission to any authority,” I’d have to (and did) reply with:

    Sure they are! They are the ones who create it all, too!

    (“Authority” is slavery, because the Authority has only rights and no responsibilities, while those who must Submit to it, have no rights to defend themselves from it, but only a responsibility to be and remain it’s slaves)!

    Being paranoid, slanderous hypocrites, psychopaths openly embrace Authority and advise all others to follow suit, all the while secretly despising it while snickering at all those other people as fools, while also always undermining it to promote only them selves!

    If psychopaths are impulsive risk-takers, it is because they desperately want to cancel conception and fear, with perception and at least the potential of anticipated pain, (fear) by thus “controlling” it!

    That is, they want to kill thinking with doing. (Less fearful thinking, more painful doing)!

    They would rather be the cause of their own doom, than be the mere victim of an “inevitably” imposed one!

    They prefer to face even almost-certain pain itself, to the constant niggling pains of a mere fear of it.

    They see fear not as a helpful, internally-generated warning, but as an additional, externally created and already painful threat! So it only makes sense to cancel the additional pain of fear, if only by leaving intact or even in causing the original problems which cause the damages and pains they fear the most!

    Thus having defeated their fears of pain by making the pain inevitable, they can relax and adopt a blase nonchalent attitude and seem unruffled in any given situation – so they seem to be well-balanced people!

    It’s why the “bad boy” attitude is so attractive to women, who primarily want stability in their mates!

    And their paranoid slander is revealed as self-inflicted masochism, and so their apparent sadism applies equally to them selves, thus creating a baseline thought that “Since I do it unto my self, I can also do it unto you, too! Besides, we (i.e: you) ALWAYS all do it, too – so it isn’t really ever a crime anyway either, as there are no real attackings first or second; and so in fact there are no real crimes nor criminals because nobody is innocent.”

    But this presumption of theirs still remains only paranoid, victim-blaming, attack-first slander, no matter how also “defensively,” and/or “pre-emptively” they may want to continue to frameor phrase it.


    They don’t like reading or pictures (see “Muhammad”) because both present thoughts (fearsome conceptions) AS perceptions! The images of fear are instantly drilled into their brains,and so cannot be immediately cancelled with other perceptive pains! It’s why psychopaths allegedly don’t hang pictures on their walls!

    It’s also why they choose to see valid warnings from others, as threats in them selves – and it’s why they see potential threats as already existing ones to which they must submit or compromise, but never oppose!

    Their habitual cowardice literally kills their thinking minds and eventually even atrophies their brains!

    It’s also both how and why they are allegedly so “manipulative” and “charming:” because their paranoia forces them to adapt a “passive-aggressive” (“humble”) stance all the time, where they go out of their way to be obsequious and flatter those they consider to be potential bullies, at least when they initially see them as unknown quantities on first meeting them – and only rarely do those so-flattered realize that they are also being thereby slandered as potential bullies!

    So the psychopath adopts a “Hail fellow, well-met!” glad-handling routine to forestall others’ potential attacks, and also a deferential “Who am I to say I know better than you, O great scary threatening master (bully) person?”!

    They thus perform well in groups by sucking up to the leaders, always seeking after more powerful people to subvert, and it’s also why the only ones who survive at the tops of all organizations are psychopaths.

    (See “Politicians”). It’s also why they have no real loyalty to any or all other people, either in groups or alone.


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