Antifa scum attacks Tommy Robinson, police does nothing

That’s because the police, the ruling class & the journaille is complicit in replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat.

Global Censorship, Global Dictatorship

March 2018 – and as we speak we have an American citizen as a political prisoner in the U.K. – what role did you play in this Sadiq Khan’t?

The UK will happily let 300 battle-hardened ISIS jihadists back into the country, but will unlawfully detain 2 non-leftists as “dangerous.”

The Battle of Britain was for nothing.

US Conservative Activist Brittany Pettibone Is Being Held in London’s Colnbrook Bypass Prison as Political Prisoner

American conservative Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend Austrian activist Martin Sellner of Génération Identitaire were detained and imprisoned in London.

They are being held in prison for planning an interview with activist Tommy Robinson.

So what happened to the boy?

Brittany Pettibone & Martin Sellner was arrested by the UK border police because they were “going to meet with Tommy Robinson, an extremist” They are in seperate cells, not allowed to talk. They are denied entry and will be deported tomorrow. Democracy is dead.

May has made her intentions more than clear since and before becoming UK PM. She sees herself as a player in the deconstruction of the UK as does Australia’s PM Malcolm Turnbull sees his role of Australian PM both working towards the NWO….

Meanwhile, downunder:

In other news:

NYC: No criminal charges for Muslim firefighter who threatened to kill colleagues 

Erdogan: NATO members not “strong enough” and “do not have the cheek” to stand up to Turkey

has 118 Million Subscribers & it’s time to ! Obama is working a deal to spread major propaganda. Netflix has already received massive Soros Investments totaling over $40 million in 2015 & 2016.

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror has revealed Britain’s worst ever grooming scandal, which saw authorities paralysed for 40 years by fears of “racism” accusations as grooming gangs victimised up to a thousand girls in Telford.

The left-leaning newspaper claims its 18-month investigation found “abuse on unprecedented levels”, with three women being killed when abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood burned down their home with them inside and two others dying in connection with the scandal.

5 thoughts on “Antifa scum attacks Tommy Robinson, police does nothing”

  1. The Christendom of Europe stood up to Islam and the Ottoman Empire for over a thousand years – successfully, I might add. The Iberian Peninsula won the War of Reconquista. It took 700 hundred years but they won it.

    There is a reason why Europe and the Western nations of European heritage don’t stand up to this crap. The answer begins with Money. Who or What owns the money – the central banks of credit issue. Figure this out and it goes everywhere.

  2. And while I am on this page, the photograph of the police recruits is beyond disgusting. Are Muslims compelled to go into Christian churches and learn about Australia’s Christian heritage and cultural values? I can hear them screaming discrimination now. I can see the Muslim welfare Queens literally jamming Twitter and the social media with outrage.

    The police are there to learn how to treat Australian citizens like Kaffirs. They will be demanding the jizzya next.

    For crying out loud Australia – GROW A PAIR.

  3. Meanwhile, downunder:
    … (Photo of) Multicultural police recruits getting sharia’d in the Lakemba mosque
    what earthly use would this exercise be for !

    Thanks for the answer Sheik
    That’s because the police, the ruling class & the journaille is complicit in replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat. [sic]
    … Remember the recruits and their “Supervisors – with guns” – faces
    … (not having) Guns will be the death of us !

    Not to be Trusted – not even one of them – ever !!!
    … Treason / Sedition / Subversion – Trained in !!!

  4. Antifa is the product of colleges and universities.
    Governments should de-fund such sedition.
    Let the free market parents find where to put their money.

    Let Soros try and prop them up without our tax dollars.

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