Britain is too far gone to make a comeback from this….

Delingpole: Welcome to Britain 2018, Where Jokes Are Now Illegal

Delingpole: Welcome to Britain 2018, Where Jokes Are Now Illegal

Curiously, we hardly ever see Muselmaniacs who who preach hatred & incite jihad against the kuffars is being prosecuted? 

Scotland Police Create ‘Hate Crime Files’ on over 900 Young Teens in One Year

UK taking notes from Zedong’s Cultural Revolution? Scotland police publish that its a crime to criticize religion, disability, race, gender identity, sexuality and beliefs. What’s next? Execution of dissidents?

Sh*thole Mayor Sadiq Khan Slips Cash to Somali Mosque Amidst £1.4m Handout for Knife Crime Campaigns


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled a £1.4m fund to tackle knife crime, boasting of a £6,400 award to a London Islamic Centre while maintaining that his budget doesn’t allow him to hire more police.

The announcement this week revealed the Mayor plans to give the tax payer funded Croydon Black and Minority Ethnic Forum £49,736 to “deliver training and support to five grassroots organisations who provide activities for people affected by knife crime in Croydon”. The programme is said to reach “at least 60 people”.

Report: Islam poised to overtake Christianity in the UK 

Fury at police bid to protect grooming gang over human rights

The men from Birmingham – Omar Ahmed, Sajid Hussain, Mohammed Anjam, Naseem Khan, Mohammed Javed and Alam Shah – have been banned from…

One thought on “Britain is too far gone to make a comeback from this….”

  1. Never Say Never !

    STOP the islam invasion (immigration) !
    EXPEL the “resident” islams !

    STOP the criminal African tribal savage diversifiers (immigration) !
    EXPEL the “residentcriminal African tribal savages !

    STOP & EXPEL these islams and criminal African tribal savages !
    EXPEL our Treasonous/Seditious/Subversive islamophile/diversifying authorities !

    So Simple !
    (and – The Sooner The Better)
    … Treat the Cause of the Infection – its a plague !
    remove” & “incarcerateour” islamophile/diversifying
    authorities who are importing these islams and criminal African tribals !
    … “our” Treasonous/Seditious/Subversive authorities have to go !

    Treasonous/Seditious/Subversive authorities are
    Your politicians ?
    Their bureaucrats !
    Those (w)academics !
    Their PC’d mind controlled “WorkerS” !
    You ?
    Irrespective – You gave authority to these Traitors !

    You/We/Us (the unbelievers of islam – the silent majority) need to remove these Traitors – ASAP !
    (obviously – these Traitors won’t go voluntarily)

    More and more Unbelievers of islam – the silent majority have been and are being incarcerated illegally by these Treasonous and islamophile/diversifying “authorities
    … this definitely and defiantly requires rectification !

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