Farraklown, Migrants, Feelings & BBC Hijabbery

EU REVOLT: Polish PM reveals the TWELVE nations ready to TOPPLE Macron and Merkel’s agenda

POLAND’S Prime Minister has revealed the 12 countries that are ready to mount a revolt against the establishment EU agenda set by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, in what could be a fundamental power shift in Brussels.

“I heard just today that eight countries of the north in Europe – these are not from the Visegrad grouping but the Danes, the Dutch, they now oppose the domination of the Franco-German dimension.”

The Polish leader’s remarks was citing the report issued by the eight northern European countries that cautioned against Mr Macron and Mrs Merkel’s ambitious political plans.

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden hit out at the Franco-German proposals for deepening eurozone integration. 

Lots of Democrats seem to be friends with Louis Farrakhan. Although Obama had his picture carefully concealed until now. But Farrakhan has praised Hitler, blamed Jews for the 9/11 attacks and said white people deserve to die. Mark Steyn sounds off on the media’s silence on the Dems-Farrakhan connection. #Tucker


Still at Breaking Point: EU Braces for Fresh Migrant Surge
The EU is bracing itself for a fresh surge of migrants in the summer of 2018, as the bloc continues to struggle with the crisis.

The reporting stinks to high heaven. This is not a “migrant crisis”, its an Islamic invasion. Its jihad!

The European Union is bracing itself for a fresh surge of migrants in the spring and summer of 2018, as the bloc continues to struggle with the ongoing crisis.

While often described in the past tense, the migrant crisis is far from being resolved, with a meeting of EU interior ministers on Thursday anxious to prepare the continent for increased pressure on its land and maritime borders as the weather improves, the Financial Times reports.

One or two cannon boats in the Mediterranean would fix that in a week! 

Taxi driver loses his licence for refusing to carry a guide dog
Moslem taxi driver who refused to take a guide dog in his car claiming it might put the handbrake on loses his licence.
Zaman Khan, pictured outside Leicester Magistrates’ Court was fined £400 and ordered to pay a further £400 in prosecution for discriminating against…
Hundreds of protesters have marched in the city in support of African communities, who say they feel vilified.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t give a f*kc for their feelings.

#9News | http://9News.com.au

African ingrates blaming us for their crimes?

My message to you: if you don’t want t the community to hate you, take  responsibility for the actions of “your” community.

Stop blaming us for not wanting to be victims of your criminal gangs. We don’t need or want you here, we were never asked, we get no benefit & are repaid with home invading violent thugs.

We want you gone!

How the hijab became a fashion statement

Meet Shahira Yusuf, one of Britain’s first hijab-wearing models.


I don’t want to “meet” her. I reject any hijabee.. Why should we allow al BeBeeCeera to rub Mohammedan propaganda in our faces?

The hijab is not a “fashion statement” and never will be.

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  1. “How the hijab became a fashion statement”

    A hijab showing hair is not a hijab.

    that is, a hijab should not show hair.

  2. The Hijab is not a fashion trend, it’s a prison uniform!

    It’s also an insult to both sexes; from Qur’an Sura 33:59, it is a slanderous statement that implies the muslim men (and all men, just like Muhammad) are so at the mercy of their hormones, that they must molest and rape any and all women they can see; so it’s always the women’s own fault for not covering up. It also says the muslim men have a duty to molest and rape all the infidel women for not covering up!

    “O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women to draw their cloaks over their bodies. That will be better so that they will be known so as not to be molested. And Allâh is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Qur’ân 33:59)

    So, exactly HOW will they “be known” in the freedom sack?!

    Certainly not as in: “Oh, I know her! Hi, Mary!” – but “known” as muslimas – as members of the gang!

    And why is this important? “So as not to be molested!”

    Which again implies that muslims DID and always WILL “molest” (i.e: rape,) all the NON-muslim (“infidel”) women! That it’s the infidel women’s faults, because they don’t cover up, that the muslim men “must” molest (rape) them!

    Moe also said women are created by allah as domesticated animals, created for men’s pleasure, and like fields to be tilled at will by men.

    So islam is also the “Religion of Rape!”


    Before Muhammad, covering up was optional; any fool could ignore it if they wanted to. The tafsir ahadith isnads (supplemental, explanatory material appending the Qur’an) explain that the Sura in question (33:59) arose because Moe’s wives were seen by moonlight as they went potty outside his tent one night. But, quite unlike any other self-respecting warlord, who would have had the peeping tom executed for spying on his wives, Moe agreed with the man and blamed his victims, (his own wives) perhaps because the peeper was a rich or influential member of an allied tribe.

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