If you have to ask WHY Mohammedans act like they do, you don’t understand Islam

Tommy Robinson: Channel 4’s “Moderate” Muslims

The boy is getting better by the day…

Channel Four showed its true colours in August when a film that was meant to present Muslims in a positive light did just the opposite. Nadia Chan, a self-described Islamist, showed the world she supports terrorist organisations – and somehow the police aren’t interested!

Berlin Muslim “We don’t have to integrate ourselves anywhere”

If you have to ask why they’re doing what they’re doing you don’t understand Islam:

JUMA stands for young, muslim, active. The project supports young Muslims to contribute their opinions, wishes and ideas to society.
Man who exploded car loaded with propane tanks at Travis Air Force Base identified as a Muslim named Hafiz Kazi
Here’s another head scratcher for ya:
Authorities are searching for a motive. It could be terrorism, they say. They also say it could be mental health issues. Authorities are also trying to determine whether the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 was motivated by Nazism, or by mental health issues among the German High Command
British border guards BANNED from X-raying lorries for immigrants
Obviously, the British gov’t is complicit in flooding the country with Mohammedan savages….
Pat Condell Refuses To Bow To Islam “I am being censored for criticizing Islam in Europe”
There is a war against freedom of expression on social media.
There is a war on people’s minds in Europe.
Pat Condel is not afraid to tell the truth as it is, he does not comply with the rules of political correctness.
This is why it is being censored by the “thought police”.
Please help him in his fight for freedom of speech, share this video.
Multiculturalism has failed in Europe.
Most people are unaware of the consequences of the illegal mass immigration into Europe that lead to the changing face of Europe.

2 thoughts on “If you have to ask WHY Mohammedans act like they do, you don’t understand Islam”

  1. Very Easily Fixed …
    The islam and criminal African tribal Criminal Problem !!!

    First …
    Remove and “incarcerate
    Western authorities and their WorkerS who are importing islam and criminal African tribal criminal Problem !!!
    (self-hating suicidals)

    Second …
    STOP importing islam and criminal African tribal criminals !!!

    Finally …
    Remove by every/any/all means necessary these invaders and diversifiers – ASAP !!!

    Got islams – engage plague control !

  2. Re: “If you have to ask why they’re doing what they’re doing you don’t understand Islam:”

    Earlier, while dropping beaucoups d’acide, I channeled allah and so magnanimously decided to answer these questions about islam from Amil Imani:


    1.) There is no Nothing – nothing doesn’t exist. Everything exists Allat once. In math, multiplying two negative numbers creates a positive one, because you are subtracting a subtraction (hint: multiplying and dividing is really only adding and subtracting anyway)! So Yes everything came from nothing, at no particular time – which can also be described as “instantly.” I hope that didn’t confuse you too much.

    2.) Muhammad and the Qur’an were also created instantaneously – it’s only from your limited perspective that they took time to develop. See, there is no energy, only matter, but because it is infinite in shape and size, the illusion of time exists to those within the world, not to Me, (praise Me).

    3.) I chose Moe because I needed someone who was truly tabula rasa, a total blank slate and a literally no-mind for a patsy – er, I mean a Prophit. Trust me, Moe makes Justin Turdeau look like a genius.

    4.) Women are as close to negatives as I could design, considering total absence doesn’t exist, being totally absent and all. Women are indeed evil, as being totally Submissive and perverse in that they want to take in everything while blaming it for existing in the first place. Women are the ultimate hypocrites, acting as passive aggressors all the time – embodying useless static pity in stead of useful dynamic anger. Pitying others is also the ultimate insult, in that it implies that the pitier is better than that which it pities. And always being “better than you” is the false pride of Iblis himself. And I see you fell right into that trap, too, as most human males always do, sucker.

    5.) Which leads me to this: Yes, I Am Male, which is why I am angry all the time: I do not pity you. Try and find an example of Me pitying anything – go on, I dare you! You will definitely fail.

    6.) Pitiless islam is all about group-might-makes-right and us-versus-them evolution. It’s all about dominance and submission – exactly the balance you see in the rest of the universe, in positive and negative, male and female, life and death. It is endless and pitiless, and we don’t put up with any of that illusory mercy and forgiveness (aka pity) crap. You have a right to life and a corollary responsibility to die. You also have a responsibility to live and a right to die. There is no eternal heaven in islam, because existence itself goes on forever – damage, pain, fear of that pain, the greedy hope of less pain and the ultimately useless hope of no pain, cycle and repeat endlessly.

    Thus islam is only a reflection of cold angry reality, while the fake religions only offer hope (pity).

    We tell it like it is, not like you coddled snowflakes would like it to be, all rainbows and crayons.



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