South Africa is the template for Australia

By David Hiscox/ XYZ

In last night’s livestream with Matty’s Modern Life, and Magnus O’Mallon from The Australian Freedom of Speech Movement, I noted that when I googled “South Africa” yesterday, the number one result wasn’t the recent election of Cyril Ramaphosa as the new Prime Minister, the impending water crisis in Cape Town or even, you know, the planned expropriation of white land. Instead, it was the tiff David Warner had with South African batsman Quinton de Kock.

Why provoke discussion on the latest stage of white genocide in South Africa when you can just flog another ‘toxic masculinity’ story..

But we Australians, and Europeans in general, should be paying very close attention to the recent passing of a motion by the South African parliament, to begin the process to ammend the constitution to allow the expropriation of land without compensation – ie, stealing land from White Afrikaaners and giving it to black people.

It should not concern us that every attempt at ‘land reform’ in history has led to the starvation of millions. The black population in South Africa has been artificially high for a good century as a result of the civilisation our brothers provided them. If they want to return to a number more in balance with nature, that is up to them.


We should be paying very close attention to the language used to justify the proposed theft. This line from Julius Malema, the communist leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters and sponsor of the land expropriation motion, tells us all we need to know:

“The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice… We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

The reason the field of post-colonialism is thoroughly Marxist is because its key argument is a set up. It argues that white people stole the land, wealth, and the very lives of every other group on the planet and that we live in wealth, comfort and security to this day on the basis of this original sin. Thus if everything we have is the result of theft, we have no claim to it, and we have no right to oppose what we have being taken from us – even our very lives.

Because property rights are ‘racist’.

Malema’s argument, that to compensate white farmers for the expropriation of their land would be racist as it would condone the original theft, (it can’t be theft if no-one owned it in the first place, but I digress) may sound completely nuts, but the same narrative is used by the left here in Australia.

Whether it is #ChangeTheDate or #BurnItToTheGround, the central idea is the same: apparently, our ancestors stole the land, wealth and the very lives of the people who inhabited Australia when Europeans discovered it, and we live in wealth, comfort and security because of this original sin.

This is emotional blackmail.

It is a protection racket.

And if we let it happen in South Africa, it will happen here. It will happen in New Zealand. It will happen in America. It will happen in Canada… no wait, Canada is already screwed. There is nothing we can do to save the Canadians. But it will most certainly happen in Europe too.

So we have to fight this. We either fight for South Africans now, or we fight, with fewer allies, for Australia in 20 years.

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  1. As someone who spent a lot of time in South Africa and a very good time in RHODESIA in the late 70’s eradicating black communists (But I digress) These two bread baskets of Africa are now a joke of such magnitude that it is now certain that South Africa will follow that pathetic failed state zimbabwe down the shit hole. One is now and the other will soon be crying out for food aid and international support and will turn in on itself a destroy what only the white settlers could achieve. There is not one country within the whole of the African continent that is successful and a leader which is not corrupt and would not kill his own people or destroy what is left of their own lands for a envelope full of money.

  2. Stone Age peoples continue to live in the Stone Age after White settlement. Just because Cultural Marxism has tidied them up as Noble Savages for Revolutionary consumption does not change the fact that they were as pagan and warlike and pagan as everyone elise.

    If they become Christians and begin to build their nation on the Church – that’s another story. But the only nations which have publically crowned Jesus Christ as King and have the Church as the basis of the social order and the government are ethnostates like the Visegrads and Russia.

    I can not think of a single Western European nation or African nation that fits this criteria – they are either post Christian or pre-Christian. Ireland, for example is post Christian – just like everybody else they have made the Big4 the law of the land.

    The ancient pagan Celts were into cannibalism and human sacrifice and sorcery just like the Blacks. The difference is the White Christian Celts own it. And they are headed right back there along with the rest of the EUssr.

    The Whites who moved to South Africa did not displace Black Homes and habitations. They moved onto empty land and began to build and farm and create wealth – this is kind of the White thing afterall.

    The Black Tribes decided to move in and take. Same old. Same old. As the White settlement expanded they fought wars with the Blacks who fought them for the domains on which they hunted and warred with other Blacks.

    Black wealth for Blacks in Africa was not in mining (they didn’t mine) or agriculture (they never had agriculture beyond subsistence). The didn’t invent and produce and build and make. Their wealth was in hunting, gathering and raiding for the slave trade – largely conducted by the Ottoman Empire. The Whites and Arabs mined in Africa and traded for mineral wealth.

    The Whites born on African soil are as African as the Bantu or the Zulu. They are native born.

    But demographics are destiny.

    If you don’t have the numbers and the superior population decides to exterminate you – that is what is going to happen. But if you have the numbers and a (((Hostile Elite))) has the wealth and they own your government and bring in a hostile population to take you over – you can oppose that. And Australians should oppose that.

    Australians should make it a priority to get as many African Whites threatened with genocide to Australia as possible. We need the White numbers. These people are on the frontline of the White genocide project – now being rolled out in all Western nations. We need them for than they need us because they know the score and they are going to fight.

    Listen to the Rhodesian national anthem. After the end of British colonialism and Rhodesia was no longer part of the British empire – Rhodesia was an unrecognized state 1974 -80 and the Rhodesians made songs about going it alone with the Western Whites determined to crush them as a state even after their long and proud contributions to the British empire.

    Here is their national anthem (sung to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy)

    And the very un-PC – Rhodesians Never Die

    I tell you, Sheik, these people make the Australian Whites look like a piss-weak and craven lot.

  3. South Africa is the template for Australia” [sic]

    … and there is source of the gall of these imported diversifier criminal African tribal gangs in Melbourne !
    … soon for everywhere/anywhere in Australia !!
    … they are already active elsewhere – just not reported !!!

    A current mandatory requirement …
    • eliminate islamophile/diversity enablers !
    • eliminate islam invaders !!
    • eliminate criminal African tribal diversifiers !!!
    (otherwise you will be converted subjugated and/or terrorised & murdered – no ifs or buts about it
    … however these criminals and their planned evil CAN eliminated )

  4. A left wing authoritarian government will come to Australia and do some of things that are already occuring in South Africa.

  5. Some western states will survive Islam, right now they appear to be concentrated in Eastern Europe. Australia and the US have great oceans that make stopping the invasion much easier IF you have the right leaders. Note, China doesn’t put up with any of this PC islamophilia BS.

  6. I am a black Kenyan. And i beg to be heard.
    I fully agree on the whole pan of this article. Sheik has done a very brutal but true analysis of the logical end of what is happening in “the most progressive country in Africa”: South Africa.
    But it was the whites all over the world who deified Mandela even when sober minds like our own Daniel Moi, our former president, noted that Mandela’s only achievement was going to jail. Now the god you created has shown itself to be a dragon with a thousand heads and all of those heads would answer to the name Stalin.
    Some of the comments on this article are a bit on the racist side. And I do not mean racist in the leftist, “don’t paint your door black it might trigger someone”, I mean racist in assuming that all of us black people are to be put in one basket of primitives. No we are not. And am not in any way claiming that I can show you a community of Aristotle and Adam Smith quoting blacks where I live, but the tide is turning.
    Here in Kenya, where the next stage after taking white land has shown itself, many people are realizing that the colonialist was not the problem. That next stage is the targeting of individual communities (tribes) of those perceived to have “received the stolen wealth from the white man”,demonising wealth, and praising ridiculous taxation to address the wealth gap; and it will happen in South Africa too. For violence has this uncanny habit of violating itself when it has no one else to violate. These black South Africans will soon be throwing each other into the sea over trivia. That’s the way off socialism.
    Calling us all savages really does not help. Thankfully I have many white Kenyans for friends and they have not this attitude. It is very, very insulting.
    The head of this dragon is not in South Africa or in any country per se, the head of the dragon is in the editorial offices of media houses, there is where the dragon hides. And these media houses perverting the truth and influencing even the university campus with fake sympathy are the enemy. The battle must be fought in that direction.
    The reward for this battle is the truth, and the battle is for the truth, and the weapon is the truth. I already have a group of twenty teenagers who I am giving as much truth as possible. It is a start. And it is what everyone of us needs to do. Form friendships with the kids and give them facts, make them right wing. Tell them the virtues of small government, the ravages of communism, the evil of socialism. Point out small examples of socialism. Give them links to right wing blogs.
    If we have lost today, we have lost.
    Let us fight for tomorrow.

  7. Tell us about the Mau Maus, Joe. The Blacks in British East Africa had the best lands, the British colonial farmers – the worst. But with the least productive land the British farmers fed Kenya – yes the Blacks too and much of Africa and exported to Britain.

    Why don’t you tell us how that went.

  8. In talking about the Mau Mau, one has to square one very important thing: the British treatment of our forefathers was terrible, but compared to what the Muslims had been doing and yet do to black people, the British treatment was saintly.
    I come from the Kikuyu tribe. We owned the Mau Mau.
    The British had the best land, if you look at a map of Kenya, many fertile lands were owned by the Brits, and the names betray them, Fort Hall, Tigoni(Kikuyu for Tea Zone), Kabarnett(notice the Barnett).
    These lands are still called “The White Highlands”.
    Without grasping the feudal nature of traditional land ownership, and the terrible disease outbreaks around the time of the British arrival, the Mau Mau cannot be understood properly.
    Mau Mau were terrorists in the literal meaning of the word. They brought more suffering to the blacks than to the whites. They were communist, and deeply antichristian.
    The British also had some dry lands, Voi for sisal, Laikipia and Narok for wheat.
    All lands were obtained by treaty, usually they leveraged military support to one group against another or maybe medicine in exchange for land.
    At Independence we got our lands back and, (commence laughing, or weeping)…. we got our lands back and nothing. We still have our land, but it is only now that agriculture as a business is taking root.
    One of the biggest hindrances has been a mindset of hating the land. The British inherited education was for an industrial society, “school gets you employment”. And so our parents who came out of the Colonial Era wanted us to go find a job, not talk dairy cows and value addition.
    That is how come we are rather hungry.
    Today, the scourge is a South African style constitution that we enacted. It is socialist and has expanded the government tenfold.
    But that is a story for another day.

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