Assad, “white supremacists” & Zuckerbugger’s “community standards”

White Supremacists Defend Assad, Warn Trump: Don’t Let Israel Force You Into War With Syria

Alt-right calls Saturday’s chemical attack in Damascus suburb a false flag operation, claiming it’s an effort by Israel and ‘globalists’ to keep U.S. troops in Middle East

Anti-Semites and white supremacists who are usually supportive of President Donald Trump have criticized him for his tough rhetoric against Russia and Syria following the deadly chemical attack

What kind of loaded BS article is this?  WTF do “white supremacists” and the “alt right” have to do with anything in Syria? Where are the “Anti-Semites and white supremacists”  who criticised Trump  for his tough rhetoric against Russia and Syria?  –Haaretz

Facebook Stifles Voice of Europe

Criticizing the displacement of the European population is not allowed; Facebook confirms it by stifling Voice of Europe:

Facebook has repeatedly punished a fast-growing news website for its conservative views on immigration and other topics–suspending its moderators, censoring content, and threatening to close the site down., which takes pride in its “uncensored news,” has been effectively bludgeoned into submission by Facebook and recently announced it will self-censor on the social media site to avoid losing its page.

Among the site’s infractions: posting a photo of Poles with a “Mohammed not welcome” banner. Facebook forced them to remove the photo. A positive review of the book Europe All Inclusive by former Czech President Václav Klaus so enraged the thought police at Facebook that they removed the article and threatened to shut the site down for good.

Voice of Europe has been growing explosively on Facebook, but this won’t last. No matter how much traffic Facebook drives in the short term, no countermoonbat should ever rely on it. Climb this ladder and it will be pulled out from under you, as we learned from the example of Right Wing News.

As noted previously, Angela Merkel personally asked Mark Zuckerberg for help suppressing opposition to the systematic displacement of Europeans from their own countries. Zuckerberg said he was working on it. Voice of Europe can attest to his progress.


One thought on “Assad, “white supremacists” & Zuckerbugger’s “community standards””


    Listen to May Golan explain to Alan on Nothing Left yesterday and consider the context below:

    ‘Israeli’ Human Rights advocate May Golan has been in and still is in direct negotiations with the PM of Israel Bibi Netenyahu over the undocumented African immigrants ;
    Unlike the NIF and other hard left so called NGO’s May Golan or her organization have never been under investigation for allegations of treason or undermining the Government of Israel:

    Context important:

    Is it no coincidence that the progressive leftist organizations that are the most active in keeping the illegal predominately young Muslim African males { who would eventually bring in their families ] in Israel are many of the same people that do not believe in Israel as the ‘Nation state for the Jews’ i.e a bi national state ‘
    It is no coincidence that the funder’s of NIF mostly hostile to Israel i.e George Soros , Scandinavian countries, Arab/Muslim groups, anti -Zionist Jews etc are also against Israel as the ‘Nation state for the Jews ‘.
    It is no coincidence that all these people would like the Illegal immigrants figures estimated up to 100 Thousand to stay and form another minority group aligned to the Arab/Muslim population that are also not in favor of Israel as the ‘Nation state for the Jews ‘

    For those not aware of who is the NIF a starting point would be NGO Monitor lead by PROF Gerald Steinberg as respected a regular source for AIJAC and most other recognized pro- Israel organizations .

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