Dying Europe, “Tell Mama” & the Psychopathy of the Insolent Turk

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Total Australian Government debt $522.3 billion – up $2 billion this week. Borrowed $60.6 billion so far this financial year.

900 officers employed to patrol social media and deal with people who may have said some nasty words or  given Muslims a funny glare in the street…

If “hate” doesn’t jump up and slap them in face, they’ll leave no stone unturned in finding it anyway. This is where your taxes are going.

Labour-controlled Hackney Borough Council is sending uniformed ‘Enforcement Officers’ to mosques to encourage them to report “hate crimes”.

“Our enforcement officers are visiting mosques today to speak to residents about hate crime concerns,” the London municipal authority announced on its Twitter feed.

“If you face anti-Muslim hate, report it to @TellMamaUK and always dial 999 in an emergency,” it added, concluding on a ‘#WeStandTogether’ hashtag.

Tell MAMA is a controversial organisation which has received significant government funding — three payments all topping £45,000 in 2015 — and has previously denied any connection between Muslim communities and grooming gangs, and claimed “events such as the EU referendum and popular debates around immigration and terrorism play into mainstream xenophobic, racist and anti-Muslim sentiment”.

“Historians” “discover” that Queen Elizabeth is related to Muhammad

 This story is so ridiculous that even Britain’s most ridiculous paper, the Daily Mail, ought to be ashamed to publish it. No one could possibly know with the slightest degree of certainty that he or she is descended from Muhammad, which the dhimmi Daily Mail dutifully always refers to as “the Prophet Muhammad,” as if we’re all Muslims now.

Turkish “human rights” committee to visit Europe to probe “Islamophobia”

Turkey, a NATO ally that considers itself worthy of EU membership, welcomes and assists terrorists who commit genocidal crimes against humanity, yet persecutes non-violent academics and journalists whose opinions differ from those voiced by the regime. 

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In other news:
Germany: Rising Security Threat as Authorities Warn Islamic Extremists Have Doubled to 11,000

anti-Semitic sermonsAuthorities warned that the number of Muslim fundamentalists including “jihadists” living in Germany has doubled to 11,000 in just a few years.

Salafism — the radical Islamic ideology to which international terror groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaeda are usually said to subscribe — has grown rapidly in recent years, according to security statistics reported by Tagesspiegel.

Terrorism is a method of warfare. It is silly to proclaim a “war on terrorism” when Islam is the ideology that causes it.

Hardline Islamic Cleric Hardcore Headbanger to start U.S. Speaking Tour

“Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthari, a British cleric from the Deobandi movement”– how did this POS get himself embedded behind enemy lines?

Kawthari has written that a husband may hit his wife if she is “slanderous or violates Islamic rulings,” as long as it is a last resort and “a light blow that leaves no mark.” In addition, he has declared that women should not leave the home, may not refuse their husbands’ demands for sex, and should be stoned to death if they commit adultery.


Imagine a few million white people going to Japan, claiming that Japanese people have ‘Asian privilege’, demanding special positions in media and government, denying that Japanese culture even exists and telling the Japanese they’re racist if they don’t interbreed with them.

Turkish “human rights” committee to visit Europe to probe “Islamophobia”

The Turkish parliament’s so-called “human rights” committee “will travel to the heart of Europe to investigate rising Islamophobia on the continent.”

Turkey and human rights are incongruous in the same sentence.

Looking at the jihadist state’s own human rights record:

  • Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for an OIC “army of Islam” to attack Israel.
  • Erdogan declared a battle between Christianity and Islam and a clash between the cross and the crescent, but blamed Europe for being the instigator.
  • Erdogan has taken up the historic Turkish mission to ruthlessly crush Kurdish nationalism.
  • After Turkey’s firing and “jailing of tens of thousands of soldiers, police, teachers and civil servants following a failed military coup in July 2016,” Erdogan accused European critics of “Islamophobia” for merely questioning his human rights record.
  • Erdogan is now preparing the younger generation for his vision of Islamic expansion as he pours “billions of dollars into religious education, including a 100 percent increase in funding for ‘Imam and Preacher’ religious academies.” 90,000 mosques across Turkey also prayed “Qur’anic ‘conquest’ prayers” calling on Muslims to be “ruthless against unbelievers.”

So now that Turkish lawmakers intend to impose themselves and their “Islamophobia” investigation upon sovereign countries of the EU, it will be interesting to watch just what reception the Turkish “investigators” will get. Will Germany, France and Belgium — which are all experiencing  grave domestic problems with jihad attacks, violence, no-go zones, etc.  since the hijrah began — accept Turkey’s sharia patrol?

“Islamophobia” is a trumped-up word frequently employed by Islamic supremacists to lord it over infidels. It is heavily marketed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and is “nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”

“Turkish parliament’s human rights committee to probe Islamophobia in Europe”, Daily Sabah, April 5, 2018:

A group of Turkish lawmakers will travel to the heart of Europe to investigate rising Islamophobia on the continent.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Thursday, Ömer Serdar, the head of parliament’s Human Rights Committee, said that they will hold meetings with state authorities during their visits to Germany, France and Belgium.

Serdar, a senior lawmaker from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), said that they will discuss the issue of marginalization.

“We will investigate whether authorities take measures against the hostility of Islamophobic discrimination in Muslims’ daily lives,” said Serdar.

Serdar said after their investigation they will prepare a report.

“After that, we plan to hold a symposium both nationally and internationally,” he added.

Germany has witnessed growing Islamophobia and hatred of migrants in recent years triggered by a propaganda from far-right and populist parties, which have exploited fears over the refugee crisis and terrorism.

Some 950 Muslims and Muslim institutions were attacked in 2017, according to the official figures.

At least 33 Muslims were injured in these attacks, which included assaults on Muslim women wearing headscarves and attacks on mosques and other Muslim institutions.

Germany, a country of 81.8 million people, has the second-largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France.

Among the country’s nearly 4.7 million Muslims, 3 million are of Turkish origin. Many of them are second or third-generation Turkish families who migrated to Germany in the 1960s and are well-integrated…..

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