France: A Movement to Resist the Great Replacement

Oh God! What a stupid man!
French President Emmanuel Macron: I’m Here to Make France Great Again

France’s Macron: I’m Here to Make France Great Again
On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” French President Emmanuel Macron said he was trying to make France “great again,” echoing President Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

From the Gates of Vienna

“Europe is the first continent that is paying for its own colonization.”

Renaud Camus

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this essay from Polémia:

Renaud Camus has a right to free expression!

Read this text carefully. Renaud Camus announces the founding of the National Council of European Resistance. This is an opinion. In a free country freedom of expression is protected. Not in France, the new West Korea. At the request of subsidized “anti-racist” and pro-immigrant organizations (LICRA, [=International League Against Racism], DILCRAH [= Inter-ministerial Delegation to Fight Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-LGBT Hatred], SOS-Racisme), the public prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings against the thinker of the Great Replacement.

Should this text be forbidden? Everyone can judge the state of freedoms in France by reading it; and understand the need to repeal the liberticidal laws beginning with the Pleven law [1972 law against racial and religious defamation and provocation to hatred].

— Polémia


Why should France tolerate Islamic intolerance?

Why has the refusal of France to grant a passport to an Algerian woman who declined to shake the hand of a state official at her citizenship ceremony because of her “religious beliefs” made the BBC website? Picked up by other news’ outlets, including the New York Times, it’s not unreasonable to infer that the subtext is: there go the French again, discriminating against Muslims. If it’s not the burka or the burkini, it’s a handshake.

by Renaud Camus
April 13, 2018

Immigration has become invasion, invasion — a migratory flood. France and Europe are now being a hundred times more colonized, and more seriously, than they have ever colonized. An irreversible colonization is a demographic colonization, by population transfer.

Some say there is no colonization because there is no military conquest. They are wrong. The conquering army is constituted by delinquents large and small, all those who make life impossible for the French by harming them in every way imaginable, from the famous incivilities to terrorism (which is only the continuation of the former). All the perpetrators of attacks have made their debut in common-law delinquency. There are no terrorists. There is an occupier who, from time to time, executes a few hostages — us — as all the occupiers have always done. I name as “occupiers” all those who declare themselves as such, or show themselves as such by their behavior.

The switching of people, ethnic substitution, the Great Replacement, — this is the most important event in the history of our country, from the very beginning, since with another people, the history, if it continues, will not be that of France. France has always wonderfully assimilated individuals who desired to be assimilated, but it can not assimilate entire peoples, let alone hostile, vindictive, even hateful and conquering peoples. It requires an incredible vanity, and a total ignorance of what a people is, to imagine that with a changed population France would still be France. All the words are liars, but the most lying of all is the word “French”, alas. There are no French jihadists, for example. If they are jihadists, they are not French.

To believe that there are only Frenchmen in France is a total illusion. There are invaders and those invaded, colonizers and colonized, occupiers and occupied.

You don’t put an end to a colonization without the departure of the settler: Algeria in her time showed us enough, alas — a good opportunity for us to emphasize, moreover, the difference civilization makes.

An occupation is not terminated without the departure of the occupier. There is no other way out than remigration. The same people who declare it impracticable want to bring forty million migrants to Europe, if not a full two hundred million. They proclaim that man has entered an era of general migration. He should migrate and re-migrate, then. What is possible in one direction must also be in the other, with more means and gentleness.

The time for politics, for elections, for parties is over. 2022 is too far away; the change of peoples will be too advanced then, the substitutes will be the arbiters of the situation, if not entirely its masters. And there is in any case no chance of ever winning a game in which your opponent has all the cards and where he has set all the rules. The government, its banks, its judges and its media want ethnic substitution. They don’t protect us from it; they organize it and promote it. They have drugged the people to accept it, through the teaching of forgetfulness, through de-culturation, censorship, repression and permanent injections of self-hatred. They don’t import workers, especially since there are no jobs and there will be even fewer later on. They’re importing future consumers; they don’t even bother to pretend that these are refugees, because the vast majority of these migrants come from countries where there is no war: orphans, sick, adventurous or conquerors young people, teenagers who have quarreled with their parents or who have been in trouble with the police, merchants who have failed in business.

You say that these future consumers do not have money. Think again: tomorrow they will have yours, because these so-called social transfers are, in truth, nothing other than ethnic transfers. Europe is the first continent that is paying for its own colonization.

A specter haunts Europe and the world. It’s “replace-ism”, the tendency to replace everything by its normalized, standardized, interchangeable double: the original by its copy, the authentic by its imitation, the true by the false, the mothers by the surrogates, the culture by leisure and entertainment, knowledge by diplomas, the countryside and the city by the universal suburbs, the autochthon by the allochthon, Europe by Africa, the man by the woman, the man and the woman by robots, peoples by other peoples, humanity by a haggard post-humanity: undifferentiated, standardized, interchangeable at will.

Of all the genetic manipulations the Great Replacement, a sort of GPA [surrogate motherhood] applied to the entire planet, is the worst. The genocide by substitution, according to the expression of Aimé Césaire, is the crime against humanity of the 21st century. It is also very strange that the ecologists stop their praiseworthy concern for biodiversity where it comes to man.

“Replace-ism” considers itself already strong enough to take direct control of human capital without intermediary. In France, Emmanuel Macron, who is in the world, with Justin Trudeau, its most accomplished representative, has already neutralized the microcosm, sent back to their homes the main actors of French political life for thirty years, populated the Assembly with puppets he pays, constructed a makeshift government, broke all the major parties. He doesn’t govern; he manages, as he would manage a bank or a limited public company.

He comes out of politics through economics, finance and business management. We want to get out of it through history. The question of the independence or enslavement of a great nation, of the survival or disappearance of a great civilization, is not politics, it’s history. Charles de Gaulle — whom we are celebrating today near his grave, on the anniversary of his death — Charles de Gaulle in London wasn’t politics. Jean Moulin in Lyon wasn’t politics. Neither was Joan of Arc in Chinon, nor Gandhi in Calcutta, nor any of those, who rose for the independence of their country and for the dignity of their people.

What we need today is not a new party, not even a union of the [political] right: the rejection of a substitute totalitarianism is no less the domain of the left than of the right. What we need is the gathering of all those who oppose their great NO against Islamization and African conquest. What is needed is a National Council of Resistance, of the European resistance, because all the European nations are invited to stand side-by-side with us to lead the fight for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greco-Latin, Judeo-Christian and free-thinking.

My friend Karim Ouchikh, president of the SIEL, [Souveraineté, Identité, et Liberté party allied to FN, with objective of defending the French, France and her civilization] and I, Renaud Camus, have decided to form precisely this, a CNR [Conseil National de la Résistance — referring to a council of several resistance groups that emerged after the German occupation of France in WW2] or CNRE [Conseil National de la Résistance Européenne]. We will publicly invite to join us all the personalities who seem to be animated by the same desire to save our country; and we will thus expand our committee by co-optation. But all French people and all Europeans who think like us are invited to get in touch with us and to support us. Ideally, the goal is to build a force of such magnitude that it would be pointless to use it.

That said, if by any misfortune it happened that the only alternative left to us was submission or war, then war, a hundred times. There would be nothing civil about it, despite the number of collaborators and traitors. It would rather be part of the great tradition of fighting for the right of peoples to self-determination, for the liberation of territory and for decolonization. We must finally come out of the colonial era, about which our colonizers tell us so many bad things, all the while colonizing us. We must stop once and for all, if possible on the other side of the Mediterranean, the crazy pendulum of colonization and counter-colonization.

Long live free France. Long live European civilization.

Renaud Camus
April 13, 2018

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  1. He [The Traitor/Seditioner/Subversive (Coconut) Macron] continued, “I’m here to serve my people in my country and make it great again, as somebody I know very well could say.” ” [sic]

    Treason to the République française is a guillotine virtue
    1. by the peoples of the République française !!
    2. by the invader islams !!!

    However “Monsieur Traitor” Macron
    … the not your people
    (the ones who didn’t vote for you and the ones who have now realised their vote mistake)
    … do not want islam (or you ) in their country !!!
    France STILL/REMAINS surrendered to Germany !!!

    Theresa May gets her orders
    … Theresa May gets her orders through the U.K. Privy Council, to which she has belonged since 2002.
    … a total servant to HRH !!!
    … Not from the constituents (voters) of the UK !!!

    1. … Theresa May gets her orders through the U.K. Privy Council, to which she was appointed and sworn 17 July 2003 (has belonged since 2002).

  2. Macaron is one of the most disgusting Shabbos goys on the planet. There is no separation between Synagogue and State in France. He slobbers all over the collective tushi and flies the Islamic invasion into France.

    I nominate the Macaron for Most Vomit Inducing Shabbos Goy of the month. Meanwhile French comedian Dieudonne is back in court for denying the official holocaust religion

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