French No Go Zone Stops Selling Gas Due to Car-B-Ques

Because French Police Asked a Muslim Woman Remove Veil: Hundreds of Cars Torched…

Muslims erupt in “extremely violent” riots after woman is ordered to remove her niqab

Vlad Tepes:

As a result, we now have gun control, knife control, and now gasoline control because we steadfastly refuse to implement Mustard control.

But at least they got pretty boys on TV reading the news:

In other news:

(France) Parents Name Baby ‘Jihad’: ‘Born on 9/11’…

A Toulouse court ordered Friday a family to change their baby’s name, who was born in August 2017, from Jihad to Jahid due to thinking the name alludes to radical Islam, Le Parisien reported. The court had the authority to enact the change to the birth certificate due to Article 57 of the French Civil Code that permits a name change for the “best interests of the child.”

POLITICO: Shootings in Sweden ‘So Common They Don’t Make Headlines’, Cities Rocked by Bombs, Grenade Blasts

Shootings in Sweden ‘So Common They Don’t Make Headlines’

Muslims Reach Out to Catholic Priests to Request Exorcisms

Too bizarre for words….

Experts: Iran, Hezbollah Have ‘Radicalized Thousands of Latin Americans’

Iran, Hezbollah Have ‘Radicalized Thousands of Latin Americans’

Something that has largely gone under the radar….

Report: Jewish Teen Belt-Whipped, Abused on Berlin Street by Muslim Attacker

Berlin: Muslim Belt Whips, Abuses Jewish Teen on Street

“A group of three unidentified men can be heard on the video clearly shouting ‘Yahudi’, the Arabic word for Jew.”

Merkel’s suicidal immigration policies have created the environment where this sort of thing happens. “Jewish men beaten with belt in Berlin anti-Semitic attack,” by Justin Huggler, Telegraph

Al Maggot fells mistreated:


Tim Blair

Yassmin Abdel-Magied apparently believes her life is at risk every time she crosses a border:

“If you are a person of privilege, a white straight male going through border security, you have a sense of assuredness this system has your back. You believe the rule of law is there to protect you.


“I don’t believe the rule of law is there to protect me, in fact, I know there are laws out there that find ways to make life more difficult for people like me.

A border control person being rude and aggressive to me can end in me being shot then them not going to jail. That’s the risk we’re talking about, it’s not just discomfort for a few hours.”

Alternatively, she could simply make sure she’s got the correct visa

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  1. The islamophile “authorities in the West
    … Traitors – each and every one !!!
    … They are socialists Political & Cultural Marxists/Multiculturalist
    • Stop & Purge these islamophiles !
    • Stop & Purge the islams !
    • Stop & Purge the criminal African tribals !
    • Burn every religious text of islam !
    • Pulverise every mosque !

  2. Muslim attacks on the population of the host nation become the pretext for disarming the victims – guns, knives, etc. Like in Australia, the victim must always ‘show cause’ that whatever they used in self-defense was not actually carried for that purpose.
    Gun Control Part 1 : Why You Can’t Compare Australia to the U.S.

  3. It’s called treating the symptom (gas used to set fires), not the cause (muslims). In Philadelphia, they want to remove the symptom – plexiglass in little stores in ‘wrong’ neighborhoods offends blacks so city council banned plexiglass protection for sales staff in these mom and pop stores mostly owned by Asians. Can the Asian get his gun drawn fast enough to save himself?

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