Prosecutors Demand €5,000 Fine Against French Politician for Telling Truth About Replacement Migration

Europe survived the Black Plague, repeated attempts at Muslim conquest, and the millions killed during the World Wars, but it may not survive the lethal combination of feminism, the entitlement state, and multiculturalism. Feminism has resulted in a declining population. The entitlement state is a Ponzi scheme that requires a constantly growing population. Multiculturalism is a form of insanity that makes it seem sensible to import the next generation from alien lands rather than raise babies. The result is what the malign United Nations approvingly calls “replacement migration.” Europe is to be replaced. Ideologically depraved, the progressives in charge want this to happen.

Even after decades of P.C. brainwashing, the instinct to protect their own society from extinction is strong enough that Europeans would resist if they knew how many others feel the same way. That’s why it is illegal not only to oppose what is happening to them, but even to talk about it:

The prosecutor’s office in Paris on Wednesday ordered a fine of €5,000 against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the president of Debout La France, who was tried for calling for hatred or discrimination, for evoking a “migratory invasion”.

Dupont-Aignan is a Member of the National Assembly and the Mayor of Yerres, a Paris suburb.

On January 17, 2017, the MP for the Essonne, then a candidate for the presidential election, tweeted the following words: “In 2016 the socialists compensated for the decline in birth rate by the migratory invasion. “The [Great] Population Replacement is [happening] now!”

For this “racist speech” he was reported to authorities by the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism. The prosecution describes the €5,000 ($6,136) fine as “a first and, I hope, last warning.”

Throughout human history, noble souls have laid down their lives to defend their societies. If people today can’t even brave being denounced by liberals as “racists,” then the coming extinction is deserved. But the desperation to shut up Dupont-Aignan, who received almost 5% of the vote when he ran for President last year, indicates that there is still hope. (Moonbattery)

One thought on “Prosecutors Demand €5,000 Fine Against French Politician for Telling Truth About Replacement Migration”

  1. “Gazans show their contempt for the very air we all breath in their continued assault on the en’tire’ment at the Israeli border”</i"

    Exactly my thoughts as I watched this on the TV news.

    And strangely, no comments from the Greens at all about this rampant despoiling of OUR atmosphere and the deliberateness with which it is being done.

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