Residents of Fulda terrorized by allahuakbaring savages

Over half of Germans are afraid of lawless no-go areas where even police can’t intervene and work safely, a poll released by the German newspaper Bild on Sunday has shown.

Heavy refugee inflows have sparked serious security concerns among local residents, especially when it comes to dangerous neighborhoods in which law-enforcement services enter only when heavily armed.

An Afghan “youth” used rocks and a baton to attack people in a bakery in the German town of Fulda, wounding several people before being shot dead by police. In public discussions after the attack, German Gutmenschen seemed to feel that the trigger-happy police had used disproportionate force against the unfortunate youngster.

Angry Muslims took to the streets of Fulda yesterday in support of the puir wee bairn and to protest his wanton slaughter by the police.

An Afghan mob, carrying Afghan flags and shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, paraded through Fulda’s streets on Sunday, denouncing German state power and demanding “justice” — probably according to Sharia Law — because one of their warriors was killed after an armed attack on German “infidels”.

In other news:

Germany: Politician of Merkel’s party will earn millions by hosting Muslim migrants in her hotel

Now we begin to see why so many politicians have become earnest internationalists, even willing to abet their country’s national suicide.

“Politician of Merkel’s party will earn millions with refugees in her hotel,” Voice of Europe, April 15, 2018:

For hotel owners the refugee crisis is big business in Germany. Only in Cologne 2,200 refugees already live in hotels and owners receive a compensation of between 20 to 35 euros per day.

It now turned out that Andrea Horitzky, a local politician of Merkel’s CDU party, is one of the hotel owners that has a long term contract with the city to host refugees. But that’s not the whole story.


Most Australians don’t care about the topics that our politicians are talking about, and when we do talk about something important, our politicians hide.