Riots in Gaza, Belgium under shari’a, 6 more stabbed in Londonistan…

Gaza update:

Gaza Muslims fly Nazi flag between two “Palestinian” terror flags at today’s anti-Israel riot

It’s consistent with Islamic history. The Muslim world was aligned with the Nazis during World War II. More on that here.

10 Muslim terrorists shot and eliminated in yesterday’s riots along the security border fence between Israel and Gaza. Preliminary toll: 32 terrorists eliminated, 1354 injured in Hamas sponsored so-called march of return –in a coffin, which is due to end on May 15.

The Islam party in Belgium promises to introduce full sharia law. It already has 2 elected members and is gaining votes from Muslim immigrants. Do we see the problem? Either end the immigration, or sharia is the future. Choose. (Anne Marie Waters)

Belgium: Islam party top dog says, “Our goal is a 100% Islamic State…establishing Sharia law”

For years, foes of mass Muslim migration into Europe have warned that establishing Sharia was the goal of that migration. For saying this, we have been excoriated as racist, bigoted “Islamophobes.” But we were right!–JIHADWATCH.ORG

Muslims praying in the streets in every City around the & the . When will you all realise it’s not about their right to do it, it’s about them telling us all we are being conquered by the Islamic world!

Demographics will decide the outcome. By the time the indigenous Euro-dhimmies wake up, its over.

 RED ALERT: C-75, The Worst Bill Yet From The Liberal Government
Canuckistan is about to make it easier for Mohammedan child abusers & gun smugglers to get away with crime:

There’s a new ‘Liberal’ bill called C-75.

The claims in the video are simply outrageous and cannot be as he stated them to be. Until you realize that they are.See More

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