From Europe to EUrabia

“Germany is falling apart”

Third World Invasion Out of Control: African Mobs Overwhelm German Police

German authorities were temporarily defeated on their own soil by a mob of Africans. What German could possibly find this acceptable?

Anti-Semitism causes “Ethnic purge” in Europe

Soon, Europe will be ‘Judenrein’

The Way to a Jew-Free Europe

by Eran Yardeni

It is a creeping ethnic cleansing. Not coordinated, not centrally directed. It is without cold-blooded generals, unscrupulous local officers and desktop criminals, who could then later be brought to trial in front of a war crimes tribunal. All the while the methods are age-old — and they begin with the ghettoization of Jews.

Said ghettoization follows a new template in Europe: Jews are simply not left with a choice but to ghettoize themselves. In Paris and Belgium, long since the central hubs of the European jihad, the state schools are as good as “judenrein”, Jew free, according to the latest report of the Moshe Cantor Database for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism. In the past few years no fewer than 40,000 Jews have left France — the majority of them having moved to Israel. 7,900 alone in the year 2015.

The Rebirth of Nationalism in Europe

Most on the Left and too many on the Right would have you believe that anything nationalist is at least a little bit Nazi. This attempt to fence off healthy, natural, but politically incorrect thoughts and feelings is doomed to fail. Nationalism need not involve any sort of malice, but only an honorable willingness to defend your own kind. Barbara4u2c offers a young European perspective:

European leftists have pushed moonbattery about as far as it will go. A backlash is overdue. The sooner it comes, the less ugly it will be. If it doesn’t come, that will be uglier still.


Oppressed Freedom Sack Devotee whines about “man made capitalism” which must be replaced by the “kill ’em all” religion of peace:

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